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Ak47 Singh

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nah nah

I aint gonna be big headed, no chance man

cant be leaving family and friends behind just for some huge amount of cash rolling in

ohh well i might die in the next breath which im taking out

money means nothing its material for me, and fame?......urm im not doing it for fame.......probably to get to know more people but mainly the luv for bhangra

;) bruaaaaaaaahhhhhh

Yeha i like to do something with Malkit Singh, probably a remix of Hai Jamalo :LOL:

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dont know you yah know, lol

urm......i think youll probably get inda dj scene get to know a few peeps and get warmed up from there

sikh fauge me da same as you, i wonna get into the Producingh stuff but yah have to know it inside and out

good to learn some instruments and get to know a whole host of producers and dj's

depends what you capable of innit, whether you are suitable for that sort of thing

not trying to put yah off, becoz enuff peeps say to me to start now and get an apprenticeships, i would like to do sounds engineering aswell but understanding what bhangra is about is very important

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