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Amrit Sanchar of 1699 or 1965?...

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Gur Fateh!

Those familiar with the works of Rattan Singh Bhangoo, will have noted that the account of the original Amrit Sanchar varies considerably with other sources and indeed from the commonly espoused version of the April 13th, 1699 event with the use of the 5 Banis vis-a-vis JapJi Sahib, Jaap Sahib, Tav Prashad Savaye, Chaupai Sahib and Anand Sahib in the preparation of Amrit.

Rattan Singh Bhangoo’s account stipulates the date as 1695 and uses the Banis of JapJi Sahib, Jaap Sahib, Chandi Di Var, 33 Savaiye from Akal Ustat and Anand Sahib in the preparation of Amrit. There are also other significant changes and anomalies between this account and others. For purposes of this post, I wish to address the Bani used when preparing Amrit.

-Are there other accounts of the Amrit Sanchar giving yet another variation in terms of the Bani and preparation?

-Does this variation indicate a figment of imagination on part of the authors (as some have suggested to me in the past) or indeed are these indicative of various types of Amrit Sanchar being in existence (we have previously had discussions about Charan-di-paul and Kard-di-Paul –are there variations within Khanda-da-Paul?)

-Alternatively are these variations simply portions of a larger whole (i.e. take the modern approach to Maryadas) through combining all previous references into a singular whole, such that we combine the Banis into a whole such that Amrit is prepared using more than 5 Banis (for instance, JapJi Sahib, Shabd Hazare, Jaap Sahib, 33 Savaye, Chandi di Var, Anand Sahib etc).

Finally, from previous questions I have raised in the past, I often get told, why do you ask such things, what difference does it make, this is how we do it now/what our 5 Pyare told us, let’s stick with this and so on...if this is indeed your approach then fine, I am in no challenging the existing Banis or otherwise, simply wish to understand why our ‘own’ accounts of history have variance and what this means...

Gur Fateh!

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