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How did Sikhi get into you?

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh all,

this question came up at another Sikh forum and it was soooo inspiring to read the responses people wrote.

So, i was just wondering,

How did you get into Sikhi?..How did Sikhi get into you?


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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Guest kaur1699

well... mum used to send us (bro, sis and me) to a local Gurmat Camp... we went for years and years (just for the trip... no, really it was for the trip...) then one year something happened (duno wat..) i wanted to kno everything there was to kno about Sikhi, all i wanted was to be with Guru Sahib, and from there started the journey i'm on...

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well, thats good Qs!!!! How did you get into Sikhi?..How did Sikhi get into you?

I stated to read books about Sikhi!!!! and one day I read this book about Guru jee, and after i finshed I was crying soooo much!!!! I was just thinkin how much pain there all had!!!! vaheguroooooo and we can't doo nothing for our panth!!!! and from there started the journey........

*Churun suran gur eaek paiddaa jaae shulu


*Sath gur kott paiddaa aagae hoe laeth hai


Brother and Sister jee I beleive thats is SOOO TRUE..... IF U TAKE ONE STEP TOWARDS GURU JI, GURU JEE WILL TAKE A THOUSANDS STEPS TOWARDS YOU... I think i said in one of the post before toooo!!!!

Vahegurooooooooooooo :D

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coinsidence ?

I got held back a year at college, so had to repeat. my friend also got held back a year from her college, so decided to change..she ended up at my college. in that year we got together, she started goin to sikhi week.....she then got me started goin, so I stopped eating meat stopped drinking and grew my daari. she also stopped eating meat stopped drinking and smoking.

if we hadnt of met at college,we would not have got into Sikhi !!

so Coinsidence we met ?

what do you think?

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Well actually my younger brother took Amrit (after being clean shaven) after my mum took Amrit in 1999. My sisters and mum would always do prayer and simran, but i never used to do anything to better myself. I thought i had lost a brother when he took amrit, always bickered and mocked him for his beliefs. He was very fundamentalistic, which he has clamed down a lil. After i went to the US to study i found some sangat that was very open in the study of bani, and held a weekly simran section. I felt better about doing simran, and started to read some bani outside the sangat. I was pretty amazed by it. I am still clean shaven etc, but am slowly trying to better myself as much as i can with the time and efforts.

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waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

woww....it has been aewsome to read all the responses to the question. thanks to all of you who shared your stories. good stuff :)

let's keep em comin.... :D

chardi kala

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

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an older bro used to drink.. the whole works basically.

nxt thing i know, hes off 2 uni, and he ses 2 me, i want to take amirt....

i was like wot??????

dis geeza, yeah, ma bro, 100% git right, propa hardcore joka etc.....

i was like y????

and since den ma bro jus kinda brought me into it.....


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!!Barcardi/Coke & a few Spliff’s !


People may think I'm crazy, but I feel so high from sikhi, its just that it

hard to feel it when you don't realise what this "thing" called Sikhi is so


When I started getting into Sikhi 2 years ago, all my knowledge of sikhi was a

photo of Guru Nanak in my front room. I used to love uni, man all the late

nightclubs, checking out the ladies, rolling the skunk & keeping sweet with all

the lads.

Trimming the goatee beard and gelling the hair …..and putting on the badest

garms ..man I’m just smiling writing this.

It was a good laugh man , blazing up the reffa’s and chilling to

Redman,Wu-Tang. Many people don’t realise how happy House and Garage can make

you high, such a buzz when you see the dance floor packed with people of all

colours & creeds.

At uni we always used to go to the library with the thought of “yeah man,got

assignment to do,well go to the library from 10 o’clock to 4 and then go to

happy hour, what happened we used to get there at 10.30,scratch our heads

thinking of what books to get by 11 would have gone out for a quick ciggy by 12

aaah let’s go to the bar to see whose there…and that’s was party time again ….

Clubs were wicked coz now I look back and think if it weren’t for my mates and

if it were’t for the gigs, I wouldn’t have been here today. I always had my

conscience battering me sayin “Don’t do this don’t do that†but I always

ignored it coz that’s what my mind loved doing.

Uni is tough man especially when you walk around behind shadows of everyone

else,no one knows weather they are coming or going.

If anybody asked what religion I was I would hold up my kara and say “I am a

sikh†then I used to such a hypocrite, when I used to see a “PUGWALA (smoking

and drinking I used to get so p****ed of & used to cuss him, and when I used

to see sikh girls drinking or smoking I used to think, damn man I gotta marry

one of these girls one day “and she ain;t gonna be smoking or drinkingâ€

I always thought if one day i do become a singh,i won;t be like that dodgy singh

Then after a 3 years heavy sessioning, I was getting sick of the same routine,

get up bill up, and chill do assignments and driving up and down uni road’s

trying to look bad!

Man there must be more to life I always asked myself, and today I can say

clearly there is!! But you don’t know why because it’s not your fault.

Can you believe it the first time I ever heard of sikh society was in the bar

whilst I was holding my pint of cider, well neither can I.

And you know what I done I ignored it ,I thought that Sikhi is not for me I am

a bad person, who drinks, smokes and eats meat,â€WHAT THE HELL WILL I HAVE IN



Waheguru …today’s my bro’s and sista’s, different story I went to the Sikh soc

and I can’t tell you in this email of how much today I feel for you lot out

there!! Who don’t realise WHO you are & WHAT your heritage is!


The first time I ever listened to kirtan (with English translation) tears

dropped from my eyes, the first site I ever read on sikhi shocked my entire

body, the first hair that I let to grow on my body gave me power.

From then onwards my heart and mind no longer, longed for the taste of

ciggeretes and alcohol!

Waheguru….all this education and love that Guru Gobind Singh the king of kings

had for me just kept pulling me closer and closer, I kept reading the websites

on sikh history http://www.sikh-hisory.com and listening to kirtan

http://www.sikhnet.com, even today I can’t understand what it means but I

sometimes burst out in tears of love.

I never reliased that Guru Granth sahib was NOT just a book and IS MY GURU. I

used to read the history of the Great SikH Women, who used to have there baby’s

chopped up into little pieces and hung around there necks, beaten and raped to

be forced into converting to Islam…but they never gave up there faith in the

Guru ji. I remember reading the story of Bhai Taru Singh who said the

executioner “You can chop of my head ,but not my hair or beard be cutâ€â€¦.I

recall story’s of Banda Singh Bahadhur having his 8 year old son’s heart being

ripped out in forced into to his mouth to make him convert….my brother and

sista’s your



STORY,TAKE OUT 10 minutes a week anything read a leaflet or shabad from

http://www.sikhitothemax.com and do a word search

I used to think what will happen to the gurdwara’s in 10-15years time, I used


Today with God’s grace, I like many other young Sikhs in he UK who come from a

similar background ‘s are saying to yourselves WAKE UP help outyour sikh soc

and local community anf family's.

You are the future you, are Lions and You are Princess’s and through You Sikhi

will flourish, you are the next MP’s you are the next policy makers,

You are torch of Guru ji don’t let that torch blow out!

I WOULD AT THIS POINT LOVE TO CARRY ON BUT I GUESS YOUR ALL GETTING TIREDWaheguru ji ka khalsa, (The khalsa belongs to God)

Waheguru ji ke fateh (The victory belongs to God)

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i am just like u at this point in life, trying my hardest to get out, each time i get out a bit, i c'm to fall in further, and further, but i want to become a sikh, i have many problems, i have sikh friends, but for somereason our schedule conflicts, but i have amde a point to spend more time wtih my amritdhari friends rather then my club ranting friends. I want to get outta this never ending rollar coaster of bull shit, i ccan't stand it. Just for the past few days i've b'n listening to a lott of shabads, and it makes me feel good, but tears fall that i cant' do ne thing, just like after reading your own stories.

Another large obsitcle is my sangat at home. My parents. they're not into sikhi much, but used to be heavily b4 we moved to canda from the UK. thtere both my parents would do raul from dawn to dusk on fridays at the southall singh sabha, and i would spend my fridays juss sitting at the gurughaar, back then iused to think how bored am i, now i think cant' that be now, can't that be 2day, can it be now plzzzz.

please panjis veerjis help me, my parents are'nt to supportive of me keeping my kesh, each time i try, they say complete university first, i try harder each time but same answer same week long arguements.

Wahegurooo naam jihaaz hai. I wish waheguroo would help me more, but needless 2 say he has, buy giving me access to the few amridharis friends i do have, and by giving birth to me in a sikh "familly", but still i cannot reak the benifits, whys' life a admin cut/

Just like undergroundsikhi used to do, i goto clubs, i drhink, i try smoking, but in the back of my mind is, u faggg stop it..... and when i c a singh smokign i can't help but asking him why? when a c a girl doin it i can't help but think slut, but what does that make me? I will never touch the bottle again, never let my lip stouch the ciggerette, i will clean my self in that sense. I love sikhi, i want to become a sikh, its a beutifall path, a path full of love, trust, wahegurooo.


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fateh gabroo - well obviously i cannot relate to ur situation about havin to give up drink or smoke cos ive never had it - but i can understand that it will be a hard task for u to give all this up - the only thing i gave up was meat when i took amrit - other then that i was already on the right path, my family were very supportive and ive always had kesh and ive always been brought up into sikhi from a young age

however, the main thing which is very very important is that u are facing the right direction, u can see where u wanna be and that is one of the hardest steps for anyone to take..... as the sayin goes "take one step towards waheguru and waheguru will take a thousand steps towards u"...

with waheguru di kirpa u can give up all the bad habits and adopt the habits of a gursikh :D its understandable that giving up smokign is a very hard thing due to the addictive nature of it, but as long as u have waheguru in ur heart it will always deter u from such things.... ull think "i just did japji sahib da paat - i shudnt smoke straight after".... sooner or later u will be craving for wahegur rather then a smoke....

if u want something so bad u will always get it in the end - ive always believed that, u see white people take up sikhi, how much of a transition is that - its huge compared to an asian born into the sikh faith

i doubt that your family will deter u from keeping ur kesh - if anything they will support u - holi holi grow ur kesh and wear a dastaar and im sure they will accept it - esspecially if they used to do raul at the gurdwara and have a strong history with sikhi - maybe they jus dont want u to get distracted into sihki and move away from ur education??? as long as u can balance both out ull be fine :D

i wish u the best of luck and may wahegurus hand always be above ur head


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yo gabroo,

wjkk wjkf!

u must take watever ur parents and "friends" say. u must use that as fuel. i just stoped eatin meat, and my parents say im brainwashed. i started wearing a dastaar instead of a england style pug, and my parents think im ruinin the sikh image by lookin like osama.

take it in, use it as fuel. these things make me wanna go into more Sikhi.


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Gabroo bhaji--

there's nothing cooler than to see someone try to walk on the Sikhi path...I read some post here a few days ago and a line of it really got to me--it was something about how our enemies are our true love because they're the ones who make us stronger. Now i'm not saying your family is your "enemy" but sometimes it seems that way. trust me..been there, heard that, and still hear it sometimes. :)

It seems as if you know exactly what you want (Sikhi)...that's awesome. A lot of people don't realize it and its exactly what they need in their life.

Just do ardaas~

You know inside that keeping ur rehit comes way before anything people think/say, so go for it Singh! Don't delay it...You're lucky you're a guy..can you imagine a girl going through a situation like this? For guys, it's somewhat 'normal' for families to accept dastaar-wearing, but in the case of girls, parents FLIP OUT...!! :?

Guru Jee is definitely looking out for you!

You said something about how in the back of your mind, you're questioned about some of your actions--that's the Sikhi voice calling out to you. 8)

just like steel bangle bhaji said,

"charan saran gur kott paindaa jaa-ey chal

satgur kott paindaa aagey hoy layt hai"

take ONE step towards the Guru, and He will take a thousand steps towards you!

chardee kalaa

~keep your HAIRitage alive :wink:

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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u r who ur friends are as they say :'(

thnx for the link, i had already read tha n30 what a story, i hope i end up the same way

talveen panji, thank u for ur support, and i commend u on ur choice of singhniness, but my parents are understanding at all :'(, ma ki karra, i have decided 2 bring a sudden end 2 club shlub party sharty, and enjoy keertan instead, and i'm sure the path will unfold infront of me by its self

wahe gurooo

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you decide to stick to this path yeah... u know... ull be the DIAMOND of da family...!

Nuff REspect 2 uuuuu...!!!

Stand out like a TRUE Khalsa... and soon ppl wont even have the guts to say anything about you or your concerns...!!!!!!!!!!

Be proud - youve been in a SIKH family - this is your chance... cherish it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look deep within in yourself and you'll see the answers are there. Your family will learn to change in time.

You take this path paggee... trruuuuust meee yeah... IT ALL GUD...!!!!!!!


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