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Guest Punjabi Nationalist

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Guest Punjabi Nationalist

Ok, i had seen one of this guys postings before on a Pakistani Punjabi forum, didnt give him much thought. Anyway, a friend of mine kindly informed me of a post this guy made on another forum which is total utter bull sh*t.

It is nothing but a pack of lies aimed to divide and infest Sikh society with casteist propaganda.

The only "<no bad words please>" and "thief" is this Chaudhry Rajinder Nijjhar who calls himself a Sikh, yet is completely obssesed with caste and Jatt invented history. This guy has got some major inferioty complex which you can see in his hatefull articles. I mean, whats the problem?

Was Guru Nanak a "theif", "clean shaven" or "satanic" ?? Were any of his family these things? Nope!

This Nijjhar Jatt has got some issues. It looks to me like he wants Sikhs from former Punjabi Khatri backgrounds to retaliate against and come into conflict with "Jatts".

Sorry man, keep your pathetic caste wars to Jallandhar. Doaba is the only place you'll find tillers fighting over nothing and coming up with all sorts of lunatic fairy-tales of being a noble warrior race from Mars.

Read this, and laugh...


Of all the tribes of India, the people of the Khatri tribe are the most clever, opportunist and satanic people. They had been and they are still exploiting simpletons in the name of religion creating un-necessary friction among the peace loving people of India.

In the past Age, TRETTA YUG, the Khatris were well known as DEVTAS or the angelic people but unfortunately, the opposite happens in this Dark Age, KAL YUG. The angelic people become the satanic people and the spiritual Doctors, the Satgurus, have to appear among them.

A similar trait is found among the so-called Jews that in the Age of King David, they were highly religious and pious people but in the Dark Age, they became highly spiritually sick people that Jesus, the first anointed Satguru or Christ appeared among the people of leading Judah tribe of David and He was deceived by a clever and opportunist person of Judah tribe in the name of Juda Iscariot. All the twelve disciples of Jesus hailed from the tribes of the Chosen people, the so-called Jews and so were the six Satgurus in India and the four Royal Kings, Sachae Paatshahs, in India hailed from the people of the Khatri tribe.

The normal profession of the people of Khatri tribe had been business and for being literate, they also dominated among the government officials. The other tribes that were next to them were those doing the profession of the Brahmin Varan addressed as Pandit under the courtesy title as the Khatris and other trading tribes are addressed as "Lalas". Whilst most of the other tribes such as Jats, Gujjar, Ahir, Yadev, etc. doing farming were called Chaudhry.

Character and mentality of the people is very much affected by the profession they follow and in business, you have to be clever and sometimes they are over clever and qualify as sons of Satan or Haraamis. How clever the Khatris are is depicted in the saying:-





All the tribes mentioned above are traders in one way or the other but the people of Khatri tribe beat them all.

Such clever Khatris, who went to countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Russia, etc. to engage in trading showed their character in trading malpractice and when they were confronted and asked, "Who they are?", they instead of giving the name of their tribe as Khatri told them that they are "Hindus". So, the wise people of those countries coined a new name "Hindu" for a thief.

In the frontier provinces of the Punjab, the Khatris were nicknamed as "KARARR", the greedy and dishonest people.

Thus, the businessmen being normally opportunists, the KARARR Khatris found nothing better than to adopt the way of life of the ruling Mughals, who were Mohammadans.

Thus, the clever and dishonest satanic Khatris also became Mohammadans and soon for their religious knowledge they proclaimed themselves to be the "SHEIKH". Thus, they changed their tribe from Khatri to Sheikh. Further, they also adopted arabicised surnames to pretend that they hailed from the Arabian countries. Although they changed their surnames for the sake of Mammon, yet they kept their original surnames and family trees in secret and looked into those documents on social occasions such as marriages to confirm their original tribes and surnames.

Then they made progress and became Mullahs in Mosques, where they incited people to perform the acts of atrocities against their fellow countrymen. For that reason, they were called "bastards" as in some sayings:-





Now, Kashmir was the seat of the spiritual knowledge in that the Sarsut of Kashmir were known as "GURU BRAHMAN" and as you know the Khatris even surpassed the people of tribes performing the job of the Brahmins Varan in that:-


So, the Khatris of Kashmir, who became Mohammadans were the worst sons of Satan on earth. They were the people who were humiliating and terrorising the Sarsuts and others that the Sarsuts went to meet Satguru Tegh Bahadur Ji to complain against the activities of those satanic Khatris. At that time, there was no other Holy Person in India, who could face those satanic Khatris than Satguru Tegh Bahadur Ji.

So, Satguru Tegh Bahadur Ji went to Delhi to face those Kashmiri satanic Khatris, who were the first rated Mullahs and under the Bhagti Marag of Sikhism, He laid down His sacrifice to the satanic Kashmiri Khatris, who were terrorising the people of India.

Remember that the Kashmiri satanic Khatris also migrated to neighbouring countries, where their satanic activities are amply reflected even to day. After the death of these sons of Satan Mullahs, their JADDI KABBAR is built in Kashmir and not overseas.

Next to the Khatris who became Mohammadans were those who became the impostor Sikhs of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji and became the greatest MUNNMUKHS or TURKOOS. The story of Prithvi Chand is well-known to all and there were many of his type who started to sell the name of Satguru Nanak Devji by going around the villages and collecting money and produce from the poor farmers. What the 22 Sodhi Khatris did in Baba Bakalaa and all that is well known to all.

In fact, fed up with the jealousy of these satanic Khatris and feeling that there is much need in the other parts of India, Satguru Tegh Bahadur Ji left Punjab altogether to live in a far away place to have a Peace of mind.

Further, these satanic Khatris started to distort the Baani of Satgurus that the Sikhs urged Satguru Arjan Dev Ji to put it into writing. Now, Baani cannot be written down in ink on paper as it is always received through revelations and revelations only. That is why Baani is called DHUR KI BAANI. Thus, Peter when told Satguru Jesus that you are the Christ of God then Jesus told him, "Unless my Father gives you, you cannot have it". St. Paul also stressed that the Word of God cannot be written down in ink on paper but over the living tablets of our hearts.

Bhai Banno, a trusted Sikh was given the job of getting the Ad-Granth bound but on his way, he copied the Ad-Granth and presented two bound copies of Ad-Granth to Satguru Arjan Dev Ji. Now, as a Sikh he could make mistakes in copying but different Satgurus and Bhagats themselves dictated their Baani to the scribe Bhai Gurdass Ji through mystical Power. So, the copied BEERR was declared as "Khari Beerr" and Satguru Arjan Dev Ji forbade Sikhs to read it. But today, the original is full of corruption that Prof. Jodh Singh and others found on examining it in the Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Jallandhar and they have published their findings.

Bedi Khatris topped the list of Munnmukhs and presented themselves to be worshipped by the simpletons of villages but my father made one to run away from the village by disclosing that they are impostors, BHAEKH DIKHAYAE JAGAT KO; LOGAN KO BASS KEEN……..

It were these Khatris who started to ply Ad-Granth in a business like manner in Rawalpindi area and other towns of the Panjab for their living. But when the roving preachers, Nirmallae Sants, rebuked them for their malpractice, they used to say in reply:- KISSAE NAE KHOTI WAH LIAE: TAE KISSAE NAE POTHI. Such Khatris had no shame in their dealings with others i.e. they were BAESHARM people without any DHARM.

Chaudhry Ranjit Singh Sandhu Jatt, king of the Punjab, gave the greedy occupiers of Harmandir Sahib a hearty support in that they got the Humble Harmandir Sahib gilded with Gold to lure the simpletons. Lala Hari Singh Nalwa, a Khatri, played the satanic role and brought the downfall of the Jatt Raj.

Khatris, who were MONNAE or clean-shaven played the least satanic role but still a significant one as the official Lala Chandu Lal Khatri of Lahore did tortured Satguru Arjan Dev Ji and the Lala Sucha Nand Khatri in inciting the Mughals to kill the sons of Royal King Gobind Singh Ji.

But today, who are still playing a vital role in inciting the people in the name of religion? They are still Khatris. Thus, the three Lalas; Lala Tara Singh Malhotra, a Khatri, Lala Mohandass Karamchand Gandhi, a Baniya, and Lala Mohammad Ali Jinnah, a Babla Bhatia engineered the partition of India.

Of all the Khatris, the clean-shaven are the best of the sons of Satan and the well-known historian Professor W.H. McLeod has presented a detailed analysis by percentage who supported Satguru Nanak Dev's House. Khatris were the least 0.70 percent; the Arorras were 1.30 percent whilst the people of the other tribes were all above them. The people of Jatt tribe overwhelmingly supported the Houses of Satguru Nanak Devji and of Royal King Har Gobind Ji, the founder of Shakti Marag or the Third Khalsa Panth.

The satanic people have so much misled the general public that they even made the people to forget their tribes to such an extent that they made people of the same tribes fight with each other in the name of religion; which everyone knows stands for peaceful living.

In this Dark Age, hypocrisy is the order of the day and the British also hypocritically did not hold General elections before handing over the Raj. The tenets of Democracy were not put into practice at all.

Today, the Khatris have adopted a new canopy of "AHLUWALIA" with different versions such as "Walia", Ahluvalia and what not. When asked about their surnames as the Jatts, Khatris, Loohaar, Tarkhaans, etc have, they would not disclose it. I know from a close "Walia" friend that their surnames are basically of the Khatris and Arorras, which they disclose only at marriages or other social events. These Khatris/Arorras under the cover of "Ahluwalia" are going to surpass the same tribal people under the covers of "Sheikh", "Syed", etc. among the Mohammadans, whom they call "Mussallmaans" as if they are truthful, contented and merciful people.

Now, God blesses people according to the cleanliness of their hearts - NEEYAT NOO MURAAD.

Chaudhry Rajinder Nijjhar M.Sc.

Retired Senior Lecturer in Metallurgy,

144, Hamilton Road, Reading, Berkshire, U.K.

Tel. 0044 118 962 3200


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Guest Javanmard

The guy is a complete idiot, he claims to have links to Nirmale but that's not true. 99% of what he says about Nirmale is inaccurate and the product of his own confused brain!!!

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Chaudhry Ranjit Singh Sandhu Jatt, king of the Punjab

Since when did Maharaja Ranjit Singh become a Sandhu? Wasn't his last name Sukercharia? Besides if I'm not mistaken aren't Ahlluwalias Jatts? Isn't Jassa Singh Ahlluwalia a great Sikh character?

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I believe that every caste, community has/had bad and good people. We can't blame the whole community for few individual's mistakes. This guy seems confused not sure why though.

Bhai Gurdas ji gives clear information about true khatri. Follow links below and read Bhai Gurdas's var.



The real khatris is he who gives charitably, wears arms and remembers God with loving devotion.
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Gur FAteh!

Alhuwalias are NOT Jatts, Jassa Singh (Alhuwalia) was a "Kalal". Kalal are distiller of wine, today all kalals take the surname Alhuwalia after the Misl and the Great Sultan-e-Quam.

Predominant Jatt rule only really began within Sikh circles under Maharaja Ranjit Singh and subsequently under the British who gave them extensive lands rights and privledges...good old divide and conquer...

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Predominant Jatt rule only really began within Sikh circles under Maharaja Ranjit Singh and subsequently under the British who gave them extensive lands rights and privledges...good old divide and conquer...

Dear Niranjana, wasn't Maharaja Ranjit Singh a Jatt?

Dear PN, this writer may have some points though. I did have a roommate with the last name of Ahlluwalia during my Uni days and oh boy he was a cunning fellow. But I am not going to assume this writers behaviour just because of one bad experience. Jassa Singh Ahlluwalia was a reverd figure in Sikh history. Jatts are no better or worse compared to Khatris. Everybody is the same. He sounds just like one of those right wing Christian lunatics accusing and weaving all kinds of conspiracy theories against the Jews.

BTW I know personally of a Nijjhar who have sold his his people out, lock stock and barrell. Has anybody here heard of KS Nijjhar?

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Dear Jamuka! (btw, cool name!)

Gur Fateh!

Yes, Maharaja Ranjit Singh was a Jatt and I indicated this in my earlier post, hence why Jatts rose to power! Sultan-e-Quam Jassa Singh Ahluwalia, Supreme commander of the Dal Khalsa Panth was indeed a very respected individual.

The only point this writer has is that since rising to power under Sikh Rule, many Jatts has developed some seriously ludricous notions of being top dog on account of their numerical majority, granted though this is perhaps one of the most extreme examples of such an individual.

Interestingly your comparison with evangelical right wing Christians may have more to it than meets the eye...have a look at his writings, he seems to think the Gurus were the second coming of Christ!!!

Sorry, but I have to say, given all the threatening talk I have seen from the self-proclaimed Gursikh defenders of the panth and practitioners of Tat Gurmat Maryada towards the individuals expressing differing views, I am surprised to see why Mr Nijjar hasn't been approached for some 'seva'???

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Ironically, whilst slagging off Khatris, he is also insulting our Gurus who were themselves Khatris...

I believe his line is that the khatri "tribe" has evil proclivities due to nature and nurture, but that every now and then someone of saintly disposition is born into it - as a sort of medicine to balance out the evils the others are allegedly inclined to carry out.

While his articles are undoubtedly inflammatory and bigoted and little weight should be attached to them, Nijjhar's own shortcomings should not blind us to the possibility that there may be a grain of truth (not nearly as much as his articles try to persuade us) in his allegations about khatris.

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While his articles are undoubtedly inflammatory and bigoted and little weight should be attached to them, Nijjhar's own shortcomings should not blind us to the possibility that there may be a grain of truth (not nearly as much as his articles try to persuade us) in his allegations about khatris.

I disagree, NO weight should be attached to this lunatics allegations. Are Jatts and Sikhs from other castes better then Khatris? ook at how conspiracy theories haqve haunted the Jews for time immemorial. This is plain wrong. Besides Sikhs should stand together and not bicker and fight amongst each other.

What are the references available to prove that Maharaja Ranjit Singh was jatt?

I don't have any online reference but if I'm not mistaken it has been mentioned in history books. It makes sense though coz at the time, the largest followers of Guru Gobind Singh Ji were the Jatt masses despite all the Gurus belonging to the Khatri class. Then again you never know. I never knew Ahlluwalias were not Jatts till Nirnjana made me aware of this.

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I disagree, NO weight should be attached to this lunatics allegations. Are Jatts and Sikhs from other castes better then Khatris? ook at how conspiracy theories haqve haunted the Jews for time immemorial. This is plain wrong. Besides Sikhs should stand together and not bicker and fight amongst each other.

I understand your point of view. There is far too much hatred between Sikhs. However, more important than brushing things under the table is to be always aware of the possibility that by accepting one doctrine that is palatable and rejecting another doctrine that makes us uncomfortable, we may be deliberately closing our eyes to reality.

For instance, stuff like this (note the reference to Kashmir) is a partial truth:

"Such satanic Khatris, especially of Kashmir, after becoming Mullahs have today spread their wings in the surrounding countries such as Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, etc causing sectarian riots and killing."

(from http://www.nijjhar.freeserve.co.uk/harvisit.htm)

The curious thing is that you could'nt say that Nijjhar's allegations about the corruption of khatris are fair, given his own experience. According to Nijjhar, his own sister (a Jatt) conned him out of his estate in Punjab by having her son give (allegedly) false evidence to the effect that Nijjhar had expressed a wish to pass his lands over to him. Nijjhar's sister then used that evidence to have Nijjhar's land assigned to her son. According to Nijjhar, the sister's son's allegedly false witness was adduced as evidence before a court of law.

If his allegations about being swindled are true, it sounds like he trusted the wrong person or persons to administer his estate.

I suspect that Nijjhar's writings are a direct attack upon his sister. He states that people who "conceal their tribal identities" are satanic, and that Jesus referred to them as "mustard seeds", etc. In fact, the common underlying theme is that the concealers of their tribal identities (whatever that's supposed to mean) are responsible for all manner of mischief and evil-doing all over the world.

Undoubtedly, his articles are nothing more than a strong message to his sister saying something like this:

"You screwed over your own brother, you silly [use your imagination]".

Probably, they contain a lot of other messages to his sister and nephew as well, but these would only be recognised by family insiders. I suspect that the insider messages are tied up with the weird references to Christianity and Gnosticism, but I don't know for sure that that's where they are.

If you think about it, his articles are quite a clever attack, if his sister is in the habit of disparaging khatris.

The evidence suggests that the references to Christianity are a result of 2 things:

1) The family link - Nijjhar's army cousin married an Irish woman, and the family (obviously proud of the cousin because he was an army officer) found arguments (over time) to reconcile their Sikhness with their new (Irish) entrant. To their credit, they would'nt have done this unless they had welcomed the Irish woman into their family with proper respect.

2) An attack on his sister, who in all probability (looking at the articles) is attracted the Gnosticism.

The evidence also reveals an attack on his sister's son - the alleged fraudulent beneficiary of Nijjhar's estate. Look at the article "Four Wills of Allah": http://www.nijjhar.freeserve.co.uk/wilallah.htm

Nijjhar has spent a considerable length of time in the UK, and is (was?) an intelligent man. Therefore, it is reasonable to infer that he is not the Punjabi peasant his occasional lapses in English grammar tend to suggest, but that he is capable of making use of plays on words and double-entendres. Obviously, a man normally inherits property through a will, and does not normally take possession of it from the living without paying for it. Hence the use of the word "will" (the subject of the article) 4 times.

For instance:

"the sonship of Man leads you to the threshold of Al-Islam in that Al-Islam of Allah is for INSAAN DAE PUTTRAN WASTAE";

"the second Will of Allah is that one should speak the "truth" and not tell lies. Whatever you "see" with your two naked eyes, you should describe that without any hesitation in plain language without doing any polishing up that may alter the facts";

"if people give false evidence in courts, you will not have Justice but injustice that tempts people to take law and order into their own hands resulting in disturbances".

It also seems plausible that Nijjhar is casting frequent aspersions upon the ancestry of his nephew (the one who he alleges conspired to con him out of his estate), and in doing so trying to cast doubt upon the moral conduct of his sister. Note the references to the Hajj as an affirmation of tribal identity, and to rabbis and pundits.

All in all, he's not trying to proselytise his weird views (many of them he does'nt really believe). He justs want to make as public an attack on his sister and her son as possible, without getting into trouble with the law.

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your analysis is incredibly intelligent, like you... I found that he had a definite agenda, but it didn't seem plausible enough to be religious. You might have broken the code :)

you made the basic and sensible assumption that nijjhar isn't all that serious. He is too adamant in his absurd deductions for anyone to believe that he is right.

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Guest Punjabi Nationalist

So, they came among the Khatri KARARR but not among Tarkhaan, Loohar, Jatt, Saini, etc tribes.

First realize that none of the above are "tribes" before attempting to write anything that should be published.

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I hope you liked my articles.

I'm not saying that I disagree or agree with the content of your articles, but in case your request was aimed at me, I must tell you that the truth is that I am not in any position to publish your Punjabi articles. I know a guy who has the capacity to publish them, but he will simply refuse to do it (because of the controversial content). You've already published your articles anyway, on the Internet, and I'm sure that the people you want to read them are aware of them.

With respect, though, I think you ought to leave the judging of individuals and "tribes" or races in the hands of God.

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I hope you liked my articles.

lol no wonder ur theories are old because ur so old lol!

ur articles are way past time and date beyond space and time.. raam naal india lassi pee ke chalja you will get a good job in storytelling

ur stuff should be banned!

it may be acceptable in ur pind

but this is the real world.. beyond ur IQ

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