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the indian dot...aka... the Bhindiiiiiii


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hollllllllllllllla! ssa! kiddah?! :D

I was wondering what is the significance of a bindhi? i wanted to wear one once... and my mom was liek OMG NOOOOOOOOOOO! im like why, shes like girls are not suppose to wear them until they are married (sounds liek the answer to every kuris questions these days... 'when ur married') well n e one know? it reminds me of the goodness gracious me segment when those two hoochie kuris are like trying to explain the bhindi.. lol

well an aside...one day... i wanted to scare my mother :shock: .. so i got a bindi and i put it on my nose.. looked like a nose ring... i scared the #($!!@@$$ out of her! i almost died that day... but im here! it looked real... i don't wear bindis on my forehead.. instead i put them next to my eye.. even tho my mom hates it... i only wear it when i go out with friends.. but i juz thought i say that cuz i like scaryin my mom once in while! :LOL: lol


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significance of a bindhi iiz..

ummm Only married gurls are suppose wear it and its "only" in hindus

i dont think any sikh kudis wear bindis.. if they do its jus a fashion statement. nuttin to do with being married and wot not.

Note: look at Lil_princess's Avtar.. ha .. ur Chunni wali Doll has a bindi too.. haha

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yuck i hate bhindis...but i think its culture and fashion like tableji said anyway you don't have to be married to wear one i don't think but my mom was like why don't u wear one beta and i was like mom i an not going anywhere near that stupid thing...i hate the stick on one the oone with like the ink type stuff or whatever are better or ones with designs but i hate them no matter what!

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now.. the way you wrote the topic subject made me do ulti, cuz you spelt it bhindi...and i HATE bhindi valli sabji... augh...

and.. haha i've never worn one (unless my sister put oneon in my sleep:S), and i don't plan on anytime soon

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Guest Javanmard

Bindhis are attributes of beauty and are not restricted to married women. The red tilak on the hair split though is for married women only! Bindhis arer not to be confused with tilaks. Bindhis are just ornamental and are worn by not just HIndu women but also Muslim and Sikh women. There is in stricto senso no real religious or identitarian dimension to it. Those SIkhs who call it a "Hindu" thing are just plain ignorant!

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