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Depends who and how many of them there are really.

I tend to never back down unless i'm severly outnumbered..possibly not the best course of action but i'm as stubborn as hell and won't have anyone talking to me like that. :twisted:

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I love to be racist back :D, but when you do, make sure you say the thing that hurts them most.

then we can finnaly enter into a conversation if they are at a intellecutal level, if not, then you can ran home, unless you can defend urself and then u can run home.

Or you can do what any1 usually does and is ignore it. Then come home and complain to your whole famliy that some beeping beeping beep beep man beep beep said beep beep beep beep beep to me and then i beep beep beep etc etc you get the beeping message.

There's a little bit of Irishness in every1

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Police is the best tool to use when it happens. You have your story written in their records, so next times if you see it then even if you fight still you are safe because they assume that you fought for self defense which is true. But I would advice that whenever anything happens don't follow "Penduism" and go by the laws of country where you live and try to sort it out the right way. Most of the Punjabi and people from Asia don't know what their rights are and this is the reason that they are getting abused and harassed.

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if someone said something racist to me (which duh! its happend to everyone [even white/black/brown/yellow/etc peepz too]) i usually ignore them.... if they tick me off i say things like are they insecure with themselves because of my presence? ... or i say if im bugging you so much why don't u just walk away?... or i say are u from earth, i am a human... therez only the freakin human race.... or ill say welcome to Canada, you are in a multi ethnic/cultural world, if you do not wish to see/ talk/ associate with other people of different ethinities, faith or religions, please exit this country immedietly.... have a nice day, you immigrant! lol :LOL:

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