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The Yoni Tantra This work eulogises the yoni of the goddess. According to the Kaula tantriks, the most sacred spot in India is Kamarupa, where the genitals of the Devi fell after her body was sliced into 51 parts by the discus of Vishnu.


Sukuh Temple


One of Java's most mysterious and striking temples, Sukuh Temple (Candi Sukuh) stands 900m high on the slopes of "Lawu's mountain, 36 km east of Solo. In form it is a large truncated pyramid of rought-hewn stone with a curious Inca lookand, while the sclupture is carved in the 'wayang style' found particularly in East Java, the figures are crude, squad and distorted. The temple is hardly as wildly erotic as it is sometimes made out to be but there are fairly explicit and humorous representation of a stone penis or two and the elements of a ferility cult are quite plain.

At the gateway before the temple is a large stone Lingga and Yoni (symbolic Hindu penis and vulva). Flowers are still often scattered over it and there's a story that the symbol was used mainly by villagers to determine whether a wife had been faithful or a wife-to-be was still a virgin. The women had to wear a sarong and stride across the lingga if the sarong tore, her infidelity was proven. Other unteresting cult objects stand further in among the trees, including a tall-standing monument depicting Bima, the Mahabharata warrior hero, with Narada, the messenger of the Gods, in a stylised womb followed by Bima dropping through at his birth. In the top courtyard three enormous flat-backed turtles stand like sacrificial altars.

From the site the views are superb, to the west and north across terrace fields and mountains.


Largest linga unearthed in Lâm Ãoàng Province

by Phan An


Vieät Nam?s largest linga, (a Hindu idol), has been unearthed in the heartland of the ancient Chaêm empire.

Archaeologists say the linga, a phallic symbol of the Hindu God Shiva, is believed to have been fashioned by Chaêm artists about 1,300 years ago. It is made from basalt stone.

The 2.1m high, 66cm wide linga is one of many discoveries recently made at a major excavation site at Caùt Tieân in Laâm Ñoàng Province, reflecting the ancient and strong Hindu influences on a civilisation that dominated central Vieät Nam for several centuries.

The giant linga and yoni (the religious symbol of the vagina), was found at the southern end of the central highlands not far from Phan Rang.

Archaeologist Voõ Só Khaûi believes it to be the biggest such object found in an archaeological excavation.

Professor Cao Xuaân Phoå, a researcher of South East Asian culture and art, said that he had visited many temples in India, but he had never seen such a large linga-yoni.

Relatively intact

The set of linga and yoni at Caùt Tieân is relatively intact.

It is divided into three sections. The base is a hexagon block, 68cm high.

The top section is in parabolic form with a height of 76cm. The yoni base is a square structure with two slabs of stone.

Linga and yoni are sacred Hindu idols and are worshipped in temples.

There still remain in Vieät Nam many relics of temples and towers where linga-yoni are worshipped like the Chaêm Tower in central Vieät Nam and ancient towers in Nam Boä (Southern Vieät Nam).

The linga-yoni at Caùt Tieân was worshipped in an ancient brick tower, now in ruin.

It is possible to conjecture that the tower was about 30m high, and stood on a 50m hill by the banks of the Ñoàng Nai River.

The basalt rock that made the linga could not be found in the region.

Archaeologists believe the rock was taken from 80km away from Caùt Tieân.

The origin of the tower and the linga could be from the sixth or seventh century A.D. or a little later, they say. ? VNS

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