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Hindu belief of what is Sikhism


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I was googling around and looke what I came across. Some of you may alreade be aware of this site but if you havent and have some time, give it a go and click on this link.


What I found shocking was what was written here. Check this out...

Once when he had gone to have his morning bath, he disappeared into a nearby forest where it is said, God appeared before him and said "I am God, the primal Brahm" and you are the Guru.

Whoa, is this true? Isn't this a contradiction to what is written in the SGGS?

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Guest Punjabi Nationalist

Hindutva site so what do you expect?

Anything to have originated from South Asia is claimed to be Hindu or came from Hinduism by them.

Look they are now even trying to say that Punjab is called "Puncha Aapa". LOL LOL LOL

These guys are the biggest joke of all time. They are the same people who claim that Hindus built the Pyramids in Egypt and that Jesus came to India to learn from the Hindus etc etc

If Jesus ever came to India believe me it wasnt to learn anything from these Hindus it would have been to teach them something.

Make me so mad these people. No lie is beneath them, they are so shameless and disgusting. All that 'gaw-mutra' for Rs 20 a bottle is obviously killing their brains (If they even had any to begin with).

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