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Everyday bring new experiences

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I've been living in texas for about 6-7 years, and yesterday i was taking a drive with my friend to a nearby town thru the country, and i realized for the first time what i had been missing out. The area i live in with little hills all covered with grass and few trees here and there. Yesterday I realized that i have been missing out on the beauty that is born every day and it is never the same. I see blue-bonnet flowers sprouting everywhere and see the beauty of the infinite sprouting everywhere. Every day he bring new beauty in my life and i have been blind to it until yesterday and i awoke this morning to drive to work...and the whole morning was brighter and illuminance of beauty. The green of the trees was unusually brighter and a shade of dark and light green. The silence of the beauty can only be heard with eyes. Beauty arose without care, wihtout worry, simply without care it showered everyone. I see a dry tree and the beauty exist in death as well. It is impossible to miss what is available everyday without giving something in return. In our lives almost anything we want we have to pay for it, but beauty exists without a price and it is for free and it never asks for anything in return. Everyday it is born, in every moment it survives. Everyday. Everyday it is born with more intensity; a shabad came into rememberence...waheguru...

Sahib May-ra Nit Navaan, Suth-a Suth-a Dataar.


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Guest Maha_Pavitar

:shock: are you kidding bro? We have ONE EVERY YEAR!!!

We used to have it in May (memorial weekend), this year it was in February (Valentine's weekend). That is the highlight of my year in Dallas, just wish it was in a more beautiful place..when you think of peace and greenery you don't really think of Arlington :P

We're having some amazing Vaisakhi programs, you should come down veerji..I'll PM you with details of the programs if you wish..

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Wow that is amazing to find someone from teh same sangat, Yea they held it every may, but they moved it to Feb for this year. I was gona go this year but we had already scheudled my bro's wedding in feb in india on the same weekend of the sangat...coincedence?? loll

Definelty PM me sis, i will try my best to make it there. if you have msn you can catch me at gurinderjit82@hotmail.com

Waheguru waheguru

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