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France, Germany bar turbans, if USA & UK follow suit...

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France has already passed the legislation to bar Sikh turbans being religious objects and Germany seems to follow suit...

What if United States of America and United Kingdom also make up their mind to implement the same ?

How would US & UK Sikh community respond to it ?

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Turbans wouldn't be banned in UK either.The UK has too much of a long lasting relationship with Sikh for centuries.We even have a law that allows Sikh to wear turbans on motor bikes.

Unless ofcourse UK has the great misfortune of electing a lefty socialist government...

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Hari, we already elected a lefty socialist government back in '96!

It's the fascists we need to watch out for...but yes, hardline communists would be just as bad.


I was utterly astounded to read about those Southallvale who were picketing for the BNP! I swear I've not been that close to peeing myself with laughs in ages. Brilliant! Khushwant Singh needs to write a joke about them! We fight these rascist dogs for years, still put up with their crap, and then some 'Sikhs' with so much hatred of Muslims end up pandering to Hitler's bastard children who direct them to politically hang themselves! Not only does Nick Griffin sound like Dr. Evil, he even looks like him as well, poor bloke. I don't know if any of you saw that documentary about the BNP 'youth' candidate who was a Leeds Uni student? they did a jimmi saville on him and pretended the camera was off, and off he went about the Nazis and jews...OMG...

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lol i love the rant! lol

i don't see a ban on the turban in US or UK at all! thats just too wierd! thanks to these few countries many people can live in harmony in different relgions and cultures, and learn about different ways of life for themselves and for others! and one cannnot forget CANADA.. well duh.. if canada has a ban on something like that i think the world wud go upside down and all around... (im not sayin canada is the best place to be and that they are alwayz equal... im juz sayin they are nice :)! like me :) lol)

ok take care....

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im juz sayin they are nice ! like me lol

Yes, i totally agree with u there 'lil ji... by the way Happy Belated Bday...

And, i think that countries like the US/UK/Canada, could not afford to do such a thing because it's banning all religious head wear from Turbans to the hijabs and the hats the muslim men wear and the caps that jewish men wear (i'm sorry, but i don't know the proper term for it).....

But to put an all our ban on those head wears would get the government into deep trouble because most of the support that they get is from immigrants, and that would be like puttin a nail through ur own foot....

so yeah... thas my two cents :)

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I see that many here reside in the UK. Can I know why is Blair unpopular among you? Is it because of the war in Iraq?

No.I had made up my mind before the Iraq syapa, that he was a liar.He's a confidence trickster.After all, he is a lawyer.And everybody knows lawyer's go to hell.And I'm not joking.

And no, I never voted for his party.

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The fact that religious tolerance exists in the UK has absolutely nothing to do with the Blair regime.

The nice-ish relationship between Sikhs and Brits is widely unheard of among lefties. EXAMPLE: Fiona Mactaggart is the MP for Slough of all places, and was the first one to call for kirpans to be taken from Sikh airport employees (who were all security-cleared) after 9/11.

Sikhs are always very easily undermined and defused with the good old Ranjit technique: inflate their ego and inviting them to pop their balloon themselves. Example: former head of the Commission for Racial Equality Gurbux Singh. We all know what happened. Then they replaced him with a mindless Blair crony with zero integrity: Trevor Phillips.

Trevor Phillips wants to DO AWAY WITH MULTICULTURALISM, and says that that CRE will not support any scheme that is not underpinned by the indoctrination of a "core of Britishness".

UNTHINKABLE under Gurbux Singh.

No accident that Gurbux Singh (a brave fellow who had integrity) went the way he did. He was led into a textbook Ranjit trap.

Blair is a fool and a 21st-century IMPERIALIST and COLONIALIST.

No Asian should be supporting his government.

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No Asian should be supporting his government.

You'd be amazed how popular he is with Asians outside of the UK and I would say the same for Bush. With the growth of radical Islam around the globe and a hypocritical UN with no backbone, the only ones with real guts to take on these Islamofascists are the Blair/Bush duo.

I hope Bush wins in the upcoming elections as for the UK, it doesn't really matter, The Conservatives are for more pro US then Labor so either way it's a win win situation. If Kerry were to win in the next US election, prepare for the worst as these lefties have no guts,vision or brains to see the truth.

BTW with the 'sexedup' dossier scandal involving David Kelly and the Beeb, woudn't you think Blair is still a better choice? You cannot deny that the left in the UK are plain biased to the point BBC has been accused of exxagerrating and fabricating it's news.

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Hey Hey Hey, do u follow american politics closely buddy....

Just like to comment on the enigma we call Bush....

The guy can't speak, plain and simple... I watched him address the US on Tuesday.... and he never answered any question put up to him, it was always around the bush.... (thas funny)...but i'm serious....

How can the Americans trust a president thats not willing to give them the truth....i don't know, he needs to brush up on his improtu speeches

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Lalleshvari you're spot on.

Jamuka, I'm sorry I won't comment on Dr Kelly. The Islamofascist label you have applied to Bush-Blair's enemies is not appropriate. Bush and Blair have simply gone on the offensive against the Islamic world, with the object of world dominion at the forefront of their minds. They will not stop at Afghanistan and Iraq. They will put pressure on Iran to "submit", and if Iran refuses it will be bombed into oblivion and McDonald's put in its place. Then they will go for Pakistan, then India, etc.

You've stated that I will be "amazed" at how popular Blair is with Asians outside the UK. Which Asians? The Pathans? Iraqis (OK, you may say Middle East but their genes are close enough)? Pakistanis? Chinese?

If you're referring to the sickly false pretense at obsequiousness that Blair spews out for Vajpayee and extremist Hindu cronies, think carefully about that. The only way that the BJP can stick to power is to provoke and inflame anti-Muslim sentiment all over the world. Blair realises this, and so he guarantees his support in any measure India takes against domestic separatists (i.e. Kashmir, Assam, Punjab, etc). Go to fco.gov.uk and find how Vajpayee's "perfect Hindi" is "much admired" by his "counterpart" Blair, and how there is "mutual admiration" between the 2 men. The reference to "perfect Hindi" is not accidental.

You mention the BBC. Go to news.bbc.co.uk and look at their report about Bush's speech yesterday about Israel-Palestine. Now get a transcript of the speech. You will see that the BBC is FIERCELY pro-Blair when it comes to the propaganda war against Islam. This is because in the UK we do not have democracy, and the BBC is a tax-collecting government agency promoting a government agenda within strict limits.

The so-called "war on terror" is a war against Islam, led by Christianofascists.

If Islam falls and the Arab governments are replaced by the Bush-Blair alliance with puppet regimes controlled from Washington, what is now the war on Islam will become the war on all Eastern religions. Why? Eastern religions underpin the Eastern character of Eastern countries. Destroy the Eastern character and replace with McDonald's (langar of the slobbery mensch) and Coke (suitable only for removing limescale from your kitchen sink), and you can replace their culture and value system with your own. Then replace their Constitution with one patterned after the Western world - a lot of very lofty but totally ignored "human" or civil rights. Install "democracy" (forbidding undesirables such as Islamists from taking part). Prepare for New World Order. Making you King of the Whole Wide World!!! Won't Mummy be proud?

No... Mother Earth will reject the New World Order, because when variation proliferates, Darwinian selection ensures that only the most suitable system is allowed to survive into the future. Hence, as with all Empires, this new one will crumble and be replaced with comparative chaos. The Oedipus Complex prevents Bush and Blair from understanding this.

I do not have anything but criticism for Bush and Blair, who wish to enslave the entire world, and to put themselves at the head of a brutal and inhumane empire, "for the greater good".

I damn all things done for my protection. I have God for my protection and that's enough for me. I don't want Blair to use the excuse that he is protecting me as he maims and kills tens of thousands of people all over the world. I want them to live as I do: in peace, with enough food to eat and with their basic needs met.

JTSingh, you wanted to know who to vote for. Without a doubt, you must vote with your conscience and that means vote GREEN.

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Guest Javanmard

I could only but agree with Shasterkovich who has beautifully expressed what I think as well.

The future seems quite dark:

due to the greed of modern civilisation the climatic changes (which we won't be able to avoid) will create durabel damage to our planet. We will face huge climatic changes which will kill millions of people worldwide.

co2 is more dangerous than bin laden!

THis time it's Islam

we sikhs will be next and have no doubt about it!

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Your the first ever Singh I've met who also votes Green, fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you weren't being sarcastic.

Are you a deep ecology fan too by any chance?

One question. How does the Oedipus Complex tie in with Blair and Bush' salient islamophobia? I would have thought psychodynamics would let them off too easily. You credit them with too much my friend, both are evidently still in the anal stage!

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