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Don't feel sorry for me........

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This is a story is dedicated to every girl who has lost their father, whole family in 1984 and Delhi attacks.

I am the daughter of a Shaheed (Martyr)

My dad was a proud Singh

One dark unfortunate night there was a knock on our door

It was a mob of angry people

They all attacked my daddy with sharp weapons

They set him on fire in front of my eyes

My dad is gone, he is a Shaheed

But not to worry, Guru Gobind Singh ji is my father

Don?t feel sorry for me, I am the daughter of a Shaheed

My mum was a proud Singhnee, she taught me sikhi

In broad daylight, she was abducted by the police

The same police that was created to protect us, took away my mummy

That was the last time saw her, no one knows where she is

Will she ever come back?

By not to worry, Mata sahib Kaur ji is my mother

Don?t feel sorry for me, I am the daughter of a Shaheed

My elder brother was a proud Singh

He was also kidnapped by the police, for being a Sikh

But my brother came back

In form of a Shaheed

His body was dumped in a ditch

His beautiful Dastaar and Bana were full of blood

I wiped blood from his face with my chuni

No one knows what they did to him

But not to worry, Singhs in the Khalsa Panth are my brothers

Don?t feel sorry for me, I am the daughter of a Shaheed

Those are my childhood memories, I have grown up now

I am a proud Sikh, just like my mum, dad and brother

I live in this place where they look after children of Shaheeds

I have been to school but cannot study further because it costs too much

I am at a marriageable age but which respectable amritdari family will have me?

Will I ever have a family of my own where I can live happily ever after?

But not to worry, Guru Khalsa Panth is my family

Don?t feel sorry for me, I am the daughter of a Shaheed

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