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fateh ji,

the meaning of vismaad is not an easy thing to explain, it is a sense of enlighttenment when your soul is with the creator as they would say in panjabi, 'koi surt ney rendi' meaning that you are so intuned with waheguru and so in the bliss of his admiration you are in a totally different world,

for reference look at asa di varr from,

salok, mahala 1

you will hear the word vismaad used, eg


wonderfull is the sound current of the Naad, Wonderfull is the knowlege of the vayd


wonderful are the beings, wonderful are the species


wonderfula re the forms, wonderful ar ethe colours,

in asa di vaar Satgur Nanak is describing the wonderful aspects of nature (creations of god). vismaad, guru nanak is in such a level of vismaad that he is overwelmed witht he beuty and magnificance of his creations, he is admiring mahakaal and his creatrions.

is there a level of vismaad? as yet i do not know the answer, i have not found refwerence to it bani (if anybody has please share) but untill then it is a matter of opinion unless one reacher the state of vismaad. I feel there is a level to vismaad we all adire waheguru anand at some stage weather it be whilst reciting bani or doing simran reach acertain level of vismaad,

but is this level of vismaad at a constant?

can you get to a level of constant vismaad?

sorry if i have offended anyone or have got it totally wrong, for reference of asadi vaar translation you can go to the following link



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hmm in light of summeet kaur bhainjee's comments

vismaad is not only wonderstruck... but wonder in and of itself

wonderful, wonderstruck, wonderous, "vaaho"

i will try to find the exact translation...

but hanjee bhainjee that's a beaaautifulllllllllllll shabad.... really puts into perspective everything we go through ... seperation, union, hunger, fulfillment, pain, pleasure, ... waheguru :)

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