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The 600-year -old ‘speaking tree’


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Tribune India

Saturday, 10th April 2004

Khadoor Sahib - The 600-year -old ‘speaking tree’, near Darbar Sahib here, relives the childhood memories of the second Sikh master, Guru Angad Dev, apart from narrating the story of invasion by Mughal Emperor Babar, through a unique sound system fitted on it.

It has become a great attraction for the devotees who are thronging this ‘white town’ in a large number in connection with the fifth birth centennial celebrations of Guru Angad Dev. The tree, which is a few yards away from the historical ‘Bibi Amro da Khuh’ (well belonging to daughter of Guru Angad Dev) tells the devotees how Bhai Pheru Mal , father of Lehna (who later became Guru Angad Dev) reached this ancient place. By using the poetry mode, the ‘Bohar tree’ which has been preserved as ‘great Sikh heritage’ tells that it (the tree) was witness to the birth of Bhai Lehna, his childhood and saw numerous autumns and springs in the past 600 years.

Multimedia in charge, Dr Raghbir Singh Bains, said the ‘speaking tree’ presents a 45-minute documentary, written and directed by Canada-based Sikh scholar Inderjit Singh Bains. It also presents the pictorial history of this ancient town and ‘family of the Guru’.

Besides, the ‘speaking tree’ recites ‘kirtan’ (holy hymns’) whenever any devotee approaches it. Mr Bains said the ‘Bohar’ had been converted into a ‘speaking tree’ by using ultra-modern sound system. This would be a permanent feature.

Baba Sewa Singh has also ensured listening of ‘kirtan’ in all 40 well-furnished rooms of the serai in Darbar Sahib. ‘Kirtan’ would also be heard in the parking slots of the serai.

Another great attraction of Khadoor Sahib would be five-storeyed ‘Nishan-e-Sikhi’, being constructed with the donation of Rs 1 crore, given by a anonymous NRI. The tower is being constructed on two acres near Gurdwara Tappiana here, which would be completed within two years.

Baba Sewa Singh said each floor of the proposed tower would be dedicated to the development of Gurmukhi script, Punjabi language, training of preachers and ‘ragis’. The top floor of the tower would be used for placing of Guru Granth Sahib.

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