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date of Vaisakhi

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i have looked on this forum but not found what i was looking for... so apologies if it has already been answered!

from since i can remember (and my parents too) Vaisakhi has always been celebrated on april 13th, but now it seems it is being changed to april 14th and we have have no idea why... can anyone tell us more about this?

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Sat siri akaaaaaaaal ji,

First of all Welcome to this forum ji,

Vaishakhi is on 13th april according to bikrami calendar(puratan calendar) (Which i think its most accurate anyway)

Vaishakhi also on 14 april according to nanaksahi calender which most of modern sikhs beleive in.

so its on both days.

I hope that helps :D

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1) 'modern sikhs'... i thought we are the same as those sikhs who lived 200 yrs ago!

2) but seriously i did not know that we followed different calendars... and is it not written in the Guru Granth Sahib that it is on the 13th? i mean my mum has grown up in a religious family who have always celebrated on the 13th and we heard today that our gurdwara will be celebrating on the 14th, which we thought strange since they didn't last year... or the year before etc etc i have also heard that the people at Amritsar have also started to say that it is now on the 14th (think this was said a few years back)

therefore 3) i am very confused!

lastly 4) thanks for the welcome! i shall have a good read of all posts after exams are over :(

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