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Tips for when taking Amrit


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-On the day, wash both body and kesh.

-Dont put oil/gel on kes once dried.

-When tying daster, keep the top part open. The Singh will attempt to open that part and sprinkle amrit on your kes. If he can't access it, he'll just sprinkle on the dastar.

-Obviously have the 5 Ks (ask before hand what these are - ie keski...).

When partaking

-Go to the toliet before (i've seen people rush out afterwards!)

-Listen the which kneeling position you must be in (some have different 'heroic' postures to others).

-5 bania will be read, you may be required to stand with a Kirpan. Keep cool for 30mins - 45mins.

-When amrit is sprinkled on the face, dont wipe it off. let it dry (may feel sticky).

-Amrit bata will go around, drink as much as you like!

-Karah Prasad will go around, again eat as much as you like.

-Rehit will be discussed, ask questions if necessary.

Life really begins now...



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Yes ji.. Normally as per maryada, Panj Pyarei have to put 5 drops on your dasam dwara.

Just avoid tying dumalla that day. just wear normal dastar otherwise you goin to have hard time opening up the top part.

Congraz that you are takin amrit veer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D

Please let us know how do u feel after taking amrit ??? :D :D :D

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Oh Its in gurdwara Karamsar(Rara Sahib).. Amazing.. :)

I just wanted to know if sant baba pratap singh ji will one of 5 panj pyarei???

:D :D

It would be great if he is, he has been in the Punj Pyaray in Amrit Sanchars of the past.

Babaji has been a great inspiration to my family and the sangat of East London. Sikhi is flourishing in Ilford with the help of the Rara Sahib sewadars

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are u sure its in Karamsar Ilford?

at the moment, its only a temporary house (while the new one is being built), so I dont know if all 5 gurdaware would gather here.

BTW - babaji wasnt part of 5 payare last yr...

Good luck

J Singh Veerji,

It's definetly going ahead this weekend at the temporary site of Gurdwara Karamsar. I think they will just make do however best they can. There were originally not going to do an Amrit Sanchar until August or even Dasmesh Pita's Gurpurb due to the lack of space in the temporary site.

However, Roseberry Ave Gurdwara, the 2 Singh Sabha's and Ramgharia forwarded some people who wished to take Amrit this Vaisakhi to Karamsar Gurdwara and hence it was decided to have 1 main one in Ilford.

At this stage I think the number of people who have put their name down for Amrit is just over 15 so I think they will be able to have the Amrit Sanchar at the temporary Karamsar Gurdwara. Otherwise it may be at Roseberry Ave Gurdwara, will really know by Saturday.

The Sanchar will commence at 12.00pm 25 Apr 2004.

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