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Lets get really nitiy grity, who are Radhasoamis? I have a small idea of what they are, I know that they bured our Guru, Guru Granth Shahib. I think i've even heard that they killed Sikhs that believe in the Guru Granth Shahib as being the Guru of the Sikhs? Is there anymore i need to know about Radhasoamis?

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There was a thread about this before


thats the basics.

Theres a guy at my uni, hes a Radhasoami, they believe basically in living Guru.

They believe that Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj is not the Guru but a mere 'recipe book to find the True Guru'.

On a general note, they believe that many shabads in the Guru Granth Sahib Ji are telling us to go and find the True Guru.

In the UK they have a HQ at Haynes Park where they hold satsangs. During the satsangs they discuss the meaning of some shabads and how to apply them to your life.

Anybody is allowed to enter. Their greeting is 'Radhasoami!'

They also have a Seva - rota- you go and perform your seva for an allocated time period that time and do seva

Why are they doing well;

- Human Interaction - the 'guru' offers a human medium to help your spiritual growth

- They have dicussion in satsangs, where they discuss spirituality and how to apply it in life note - not common in gurudawaras

- They do not believe in Amrit - less commitment required to be a 'pakka' Radhasoamis

- They are very friendly at their satsangs

- You do not need to go to the gurudwara because your guru is not there !

- You do not need to think about making donations to your gurudwara, for the same reason.

- You can do seva of the 'Satguru', who is yes you guessed it, living!

On a personal point a wsie man once told me that the Radhasoamis are a confused lot! why, because they have got Guru mixed up with Ustad(teacher). Your guru is the face of the DIVINE! whereas your utstad is just a teacher, relaying a knowledge taken from the Guru(who is the face of the divine)....

On a personal note, to any radhasoamis reading this i would say,




Lack of knowledge of general population

Helping the poor

Loving hand - inviting people to come

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