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The Ride of your life

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This'll make Sikhi so much better and easier to understand...

The Ride of Your Life

Why is it so important to remember God's Name (Nam Simran)? It

seems like a pretty strange thing to do - I mean Nam Japna means

saying the same Name over and over again, day and night , seven

days a week for all of your life? Perhaps this will make it


The human body is like a wedding car. The mind is the chauffeur and

the soul is the bride sitting in the back seat. She sat in the car

thinking that she would be driven to the marriage ceremony at the

tenth door (dasam duar) where God Himself would be the Husband.

Then He'd take her away to Sach Khand (Realm of Truth : God's abode)

and they'd be living in wedded bliss happily ever after.

But soon after sitting down, she found the chauffeur was a very

cunning driver. He opened all the doors so that his 5 friends called

Anger, Greed, Lust, Attachment and Pride could have their wicked way

with her. She just couldn't get out and instead of driving the car

to Sach Khand, he pushed it around slowly and awkardly in any

direction he wanted depending on where his 5 friends wanted to go.

He just couldn't be bothered to get to the wedding at the dasam

duar, not that he even knew where it was - I don't think he even had

a map and none of his so-called friends knew where to go. The

strange thing is that everyone in this world is pushing their cars

with the bride trapped with the 5 strange thieves and no-one thinks

it's strange because it's what they are used to - I mean everyones

been doing it like that for thousands of years and they're all

lost. They're number plate reads : 'M A N M U K H'.

All of a sudden a car speeds by with a chauffeur sitting in the

driving seat driving normally. His number plate is 'G U R M U K

H'. ManMukh stops and talks to him, 'Excuse me, why do you drive

your car while others push them?'.

He replies, 'Well, I used to be a MAN-MUKH pusher like you, but I

met a very spiritually gifted holy man who told me that I was

driving my car all wrong. I used to love my car and I didn't like

it when he said that. My car was the best car in the world. It had

fluffy dice and go faster stripes. It had wheels that would bounce

the car up and down, I'd even fitted a £10,000 music centre into the

boot. My car was beautiful and everyone used to tell me how

beautiful it was. `

`The holy man then told me that if I wanted to know how to drive

fast then I'd have to go to a special place called a Gurdwara-Nam-

Petrol station where I'd meet the Supreme Being, called the Guru

Granth Sahib jee and that if I became a disciple and promised to

follow the Guru's instructions then I too could be whizzing around

to my true destination. `

`Of course, I didn't believe him at first and my pusher friends all

laughed at the absurdity of it whoever heard of someone driving

their car? They just wouldn't believe that I'd seen this 'G U R M U

K H'. Anyway, I met the 'G U R M U K H' again and I went to the

Gurdwara-Nam-petrol station and I saw lots of people driving really

fast just like him. I was so exited, I had a tingly feeling in my

stomach - I just couldn't wait to meet the Guru Granth Sahib jee.'

`Then I drank the amrit-nectar and became a disciple. I promised

I'd obey my Guru's instructionsand I wouldn't do all the silly

decorations that I'd done to my car. The first thing Guru jee told

me was that this hole in the top of the car, called the mouth was

for a special reason. He told me I'd been pouring the wrong kind of

fuel in it. I'd been saying so many useless words but they weren't

helping me at all. The real fuel to pour into the mouth was The

Name of God : Waheguru. If I kept pouring this Nam-petrol into my

car day and night then I'd have the power to reach God the Husband.'

My Guru jee also told me to sing my daily prayers so I'd I find the

directions and to serve the saints so I'd get the hints and tips of

their blessings. And look at me now, I'm wizzing around like

nobody's business. It was hard at first, but now I'm used to it and

I'll soon be at God's Door and this Divine marriage of Bliss can

take place. I tell you, I can't believe I'd been such a fool for so

many years. My friends still don't believe me, but I don't hang out

with them any more.'

`Plus my Guru jee gave me this new Number plate 'G U R M U K H' it

means the one who has got his face towards the Guru - I follow my

Guru now, before I used have my face towards my own minds desires

and cravings so I was a 'M A N M U K H'. So if you're interested in

learning how to drive your car then come and meet the Supreme

Being - Guru Granth Sahib jee. He'll help you just like he helped


From Gupt Author


* WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru *

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