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Taken from http://www.gurbani.org/webart34.htm ( For the complete article, please go to this link )

Asankh jap asankh bhaayu. Asankh pooja asankh tap taayu. Asankh granth mukhi ved paath. Asankh Yog manni rahahi udaas: Countless are meditations, countless are loves. Countless are worship services, countless are austere disciplines. Countless are scriptures and recitations of the Vedas. Countless are Yogis, whose minds remain detached from the world (sggs 3).

Mohe laagtee taalaabeli....: I am restless and unhappy (without the Lord's Naam). (Just as) without her calf, the cow is lonely; without water, the fish writhes in pain. So is poor Naam Dev without the Lord's Name (sggs 874).

Jin aatam tat na cheeniyaa; Sabh fokat dharma abeeniyaa: Whoever does not gain the knowledge of the Self, all his religious acts are vain and blind (sggs 1351).

Kabira jahaa gian tah dharam hai jhaa jhooth tah paap; Jahaa lobh tah kaal hai jhaa khimaa tah aap: Says Kabir: where there is Knowledge, there is Dharma, and where there is falsehood, there is sin; where there is greed, there is death and where there is forgiveness, there is God Himself (sggs 1372).

Man tu jot sroop hai apnaa mool pashaan: O my Soul, you are the Image of Divine Light, so know your Reality (sggs 441).

Aatam mahi Ram ram mahi aatam cheenas Gur beechaaraa: God is in the Soul, and the Soul is in God. This is realized through the Guru’s Teachings (1153).

Nangaa giaan nahee mukh baatayu. anik jugat sastar kari bhaatayu. giaanee soyi jaakai drir soyoo. kahat sunat kashoo yog na hoyoo: Spiritual wisdom is not obtained by mere words of mouth. It is not obtained through the various debates of the Shaastras and scriptures. They alone are spiritually wise, whose minds are firmly fixed on God, the Self. By just hearing and telling stories, no one attains Yoga (sggs 251).

Giaan dhyaan Gurshabad hai meethaa: Spiritual Wisdom and meditation come to those unto whom the Shabad is sweet (sggs 162).

Bandhan karam dharma hayu keeyaa: A false pride of being Dhaarmic will bind or entangle one to this material body (sggs 416).

Karam dharam sabh bandhanaa paap pun sanbandh: The religious rituals are all entanglements; the bad and the good are all bound up with them (sggs 551).

Kahoo jugati kitai na paaeeai Dharma: Naam cannot be obtained by any religious rituals (sggs 274).

Sarab dharam mahi sarest dharam; hari ko naam jap nirmal karam: Of all the religions, the Best Religion is meditation (Japa or Naam-Simran); this is the pure conduct (sggs 266).

Sagal dharam mahi ootam dharam. Karam kartooti kai oopari karam: Among all religions, the best religion is meditation (Naam-Simran). Among all rituals and conducts, this is above all (sggs 1182).

Taji sabh bharam bhajio paarbrahm. Kahu Nanak atal ih Dharma: Renounce all your doubts, and ponder upon the Supreme Lord. Says Nanak, this is the Eternal Religion (sggs 196).

Baliyo chiraag andhaar mahi sabh kali udhree ik naam dharam: The Name's lamp is lit in the midst of spiritual darkness; all are saved in this Dark Age of Kali Yuga through the One Name or Dharma (sggs 1387).

Nanak hari kirtan kar attal ih dharma: O Nanak, engage in Hari Kirtan, this alone is the Attal Religion (sggs 299).

Baisno so jis ooper su parsann...: The true Vaishnaav, the devotee, is the one with whom God is thoroughly pleased. He dwells apart from Maya. Performing good deeds, he does not seek rewards. Spotlessly Pure Religion of such a Vaishnaav; he has no desire for the fruits of his labors. He is absorbed in devotion and Kirtan. Within his mind and body, he meditates in remembrance on God. He is kind to all creatures. He holds fast to the Naam, and inspires others to chant it. O Nanak, such a Vaishnaav obtains the Supreme Status. The true Bhagaautee, the devotee, loves God's devotion. He forsakes the company of all wicked people. All doubts are removed from his mind. He performs devotion to the Supreme God in all. Associating with Truth, the filth of sin is washed away. The wisdom of such a Bhagaautee becomes supreme. He constantly performs the service of the Supreme God. He dedicates his mind and body to the Love of God. God's Lotus Feet (God-consciousness) abide in his heart. O Nanak, such a Bhagaautee attains God (sggs 274).

Sagal mataant keval hari Naam. Gobind bhagat kai man bisraam: The Essence of all Religion is the Lord's Name alone; and it abides in the minds of devotees of God (sggs 296).

Hoye nimaanee dhahi payee miliaa sahij subhayi: In humility, internally surrender to Him, and He naturally met me (sggs 761).

The Lord says, "Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I will deliver you from all sinful reactions. Do not fear" (Gita 18-66).

Kahoo jugati kitai na paaeeai Dharma: Naam (or Dharma) cannot be obtained by any rituals (sggs 274).

Bhekh anek agan nahee boojhai. Koti upaav dargah nahee sijhai: Wearing various religious robes, the fire (of desire) is not extinguished; even making millions of efforts, one will not realize God (sggs 266).

Bhekh bhavnee hathh na jaanaa Nanaka sach gahi rahe: I know of no religious dress or garbs, pilgrimages, or stubborn fanaticism; O Nanak, I only holdfast to the Truth (sggs 843).

Visariyaa jin Naam te bhuyi bhaar theeyai: Those who have forsaken God's Name are burden on this earth (sggs 488).

Jinee aisaa Har Naam na chetio se kaahe jag aae Ram Raaje: They, who did not contemplate on such a Name of God, why did they come in this world? (sggs 450).

Jini Har Har Naam na chetio su ayugan aavai jaai: Those who have not contemplated God's Name are unworthy; they come and go in reincarnation (sggs 22).

Eko Shabad saachaa neesaan. Poore Gur te jaanai jaan. Eko Dharam drirai sach koee: The Shabad or Naam is the Insignia of the One God. Through (this) Perfect Guru, the All-Knowing God is known. If someone grasp this thing, there is only One Religion of Truth (sggs 1188).

Hari kirtan rahraas hamaaree Gurmukh panth ateetam: The God' Kirtan is my occupation; and to live as Gurmukh is my Pure Religion (sggs 360).

Khuraasaan khasmaanaa keeya hidustaan daaraayaa. Aapai dos na deyee kartaa jam kari mugul charhaaiaa: Having attacked Khuraasaan, Baabar terrified Hindustan. God is not to be blamed for it; the Mugal as the messenger of death was the invader (sggs 360).

Manni hirdai krodh mahaa bislodh nirap dhaavahi larhi dukh paya....: Hearts and minds filled with the horribly poisonous essence of anger, the kings fought their wars and obtained only pain. Their minds were afflicted with the illness of egotism, and their self-conceit and arrogance increased (sggs 445).

Hukam na jaanahi bapure bhoolahi phirahi gavaar....: The wretched fools do not know God’s Will; they wander around making mistakes. They go about their business stubborn-mindedly; they are disgraced forever and ever. Inner peace does not come to them; they do not embrace Divine Love (sggs 66).

Jat sat sanjam Naam hai vin naavai nirmal na hoi: The Name of God is abstinence, truthfulness, and self-restraint. Without the Name, no one becomes pure (sggs 33).

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