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Thanks alot for the link The Admin and I am sorry for starting another thread about the same subject , but that still dont answer my question.

It is obvious what a person might be refering to when he/she says "Singhni", but how did it changed from Kaur to Singhni?? Do you get what I am trying to say here?

Its just what someone brought up in a conversation and was curious to know where it originated from. Just one of those stupid questions one might ask.

So from where I see it, its just punjabified, as in putting a 'ni' infront of anyword to make it feminine.

Thanks for all your posts.

Fateh ji

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So from where I see it, it's just punjabified, as in putting a 'ni' infront of anyword to make it feminine.

You mean same as "Jana-ni"? Well, Muslims & Hindus usually use "Sardarni" or Sikhni for Sikh Girls not Singh-ni. I think this term Singh-ni is mostly used by western Sikhs to point out “Dastar†wearing Amritdhari Sikh women. But I don’t see anything wrong in it. I think it might have been used because we have relation such as “Chacha-Chachi†Dada- Dadiâ€, so I guess that’s why Singh & Singh-ni but this is just my subjective response. You might want to wait for while to get an objective response.

Sorry, this is all I can add to this topic.

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In my opinion a Singhni is just like a Singh. If you see someone wearing a Dastaar you call them a Singh? (Well, I have a bad habit of doing that), and I just say Singhni to women who wear a dastaar (Again, bad habit). Basically, a Singhni is like a Singh but is a woman. (I think thats a good way of putting it!)


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Guest Maha_Pavitar

So does a Singhnee/Sardarnee only refer to a woman who wears a dastaar since Sardar refers to a dastaar (and beard) wearing man?

What about women who cover their head differently (i.e. putkas, scarves/bandanas)?

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