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Main Hoon Na

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Have u guys seen Main Hoon Na, i'm not much of a BOLLYWOOD person but htis movie was tyte. Check it out, At a theatre near you!


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The Movie is below average. The comedy is a bit low standard.

I think the best part is Sush and Sahrukh chemistry.

Anyway why do they always have to a sikh gal falling for the hindu guys, and appreciating the Mona looks + wearing a cross. With a couple of serds garishly dressed up with patka like things !!!!

Are they depicting relaity or are they trying to influence young minds.

Just an observation

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Very good point raised by babaar sher bhaaji indeed.

I think this is a question we should ask ourselves and sort of observe it by watching hindi movies ...what exactly it doing to you, is it bringing any change in you... postive/negative??!?

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