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Marriage & Karma

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After Marriage there Karma becomes 1, so for instance, you or ur partner become ill, in hospital say, they r unable to their nitnem, you would do their nitnem as well as your own. Or if they do a Khret, say again cutting their hair (cud b 4 medical reason, i.e. operation etc) you would both have to go the Panj Pyarre and you both would have to take the saja the Panj Pyarree would give you.

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first of all to get rid of all the confusion??

what you think karma is??

i beleive karma is ur deeds... so before marriage if wifey and husband killed someone does that wash too since you marry a bhramgyani??

no it doenst .. it stays there.. it only washes away when you realize ur mistake and start meditating to vahgeuroo..surrender urself to vaheguroo ... may be luckily after yrs and yrs of meditating vahgeuroo feel pity on you and forgive you .. i was thinkin it like that

i dont know wat karma kall was talkin about?? or i m talkin about??


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Here's somthin' to scratch your noggin over...what is good and what is bad?

I mean they are societal constructs, that vary from people to people...Some find having multiple wives acceptable, and some don't...

...some find it acceptable to kill the "infidel" in the name of god, some don't....

...some think its ok to kill animals, some don't....

...some find it ok to spend $200+ billion on war, some don't when a quarter of it could end hunger on Africa...

These may not be the best examples but what is right or wrong?

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is knowing what's right or wrong really important to the concept of karma if karma merely states that what you do is going to come right back at you? i don't necessarily believe in karma as a tally with a "good" and "bad" column where things are ticked off if they're good or bad. i think karma might be a collection of the deeds you do that somehow come right back at you when you're next born. does that make sense?

so how does karma related to a married couple? if the soul does indeed become one in two bodies, what happens to the karma?

i got to thinkin bout this when i left and i came to thinkin this:

if our karma got linked to our spouse when we got married, suppose that we've been reborn enough time to have been with at every other soul at least once. we know that those who are mukt have no karma. so this would mean that since our karma has been linked with every other soul, we're all going to suffer the same consequences.

so if one person's karma is rotten, it then works against all of us resulting in the suffering of the world. but on the other hand, when we do something good, the rest of the world also benefits from it.

so in a sense, we're all connected.

it's like that movie pay it forward where everyone does at least 3 good things.

am i makin sense? does anyone know what i'm talkin about?

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I was previously under the impression that who u marry is pre-ordained, and ur already bound to one another by your Karm.. ie ur together because u owe one another whatever you happen to owe, or you need to share certain things. If that is the case then our Karm are already linked with those of our spouse from previous lives.

But im sure we're judged ultimately as individuals...

Take this shocking, but true story for example.. This uncle and his wife were having long running problems.. and at some point during or after a heated argument, the wife, for reasons only she must understand, took some scissors, grabbed her husbands kesh and cut them off. (i know ur gonna want to know what he did.. he left home and spends all his time at the Gurdwara).

Now if their Karm are linked the way it has been suggested, then it stands to reason that HE would have to answer for that. to me that would be contrary to common sense.

"Karmee Aapo Aapni, Ke Nehre Ke Door"

Our own deeds decide wether we move closer to God or further away..

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see that's the only thing i don't get. if we're judged individually, then our karm's simply can't be connected. but then how does one soul reside in two bodies?

Guru Amar Das gave this updesh to two self-realized souls(gurmukhs, jagayso). Only then one soul reside in two bodies (don't take literal meaning of it but metaphorical).

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karam is all about the intent.

I shall now narrate from my own understanding :) lol do i sound like a baba yet ????

Karam is the reaction of an action wether its good or bad. Karam is set according to ones dharam, not according to a universal code of conduct.

there is a universal dharam but ontop of that is the individuals dharam which all depends on the individuals budhi (comprehention) at a given time which has been graced by the eternal Akaal Purakh.

For example, A soilder of the moghul army has been told that it would please his king and his peer if he were to kill those who go against the Ruler. He then sees a group of sikhs, who are known for stealing what belongs to the king which he has won or earned in a just manner (we may think its unjust now and looking at historical references whatever but remember what I said dharam is according to the individuals budhi at a given time). So he goes and kills those sikhs or arrests them. He has preformed a good action. and is showered with rewards. Congradulations Mughal sahib :) He now goes home a hero to his wife and children and provides his children with toys and his wife with perfume and a night of wink wink .. ;) The good reaction of the good action.

But now lets look at it from the sikh point of view, a group of sikhs decide that their families and sangat are starving and hungry living out in the jungle or whatever, so they decide to under the cover of darkness run into the town steal what they can for the sake of survival not for themselves but for the sangat. That is a bad action but a good intention. They then after getting into the town are spotted get killed and thats the end of them. But back in the jungles the sikhs will respect and honour those who died attempting to help the others in need. And they will curse the moghul soilder saying he is a papi and a lust filled greedy barbarian of a man who must have slaughtered them and punished them and so forth and so forth.

Now you understand the two sides of the same karam (action) it all depends on the individual as they experience it. But what other people think and feel is not how an action will be judged in the after life it is how it is judged here and now. Alot of the UK NIhangs nan gs or whatevr u wish to call em. They go by many names one is known as Dynamic banda.. :) DAS, they see their controversial issues and actions as having some aspect of universal deeper truth and hence they do not expect rewards from the here and now but expect them from the there and after (if that makes anysense) wether they get em or not depends lol thats another issue. (but i just use this as an example)

Action and reaction in this lifetime are different from those karams which travel with you from a lifetime before to one after (it doesnt neccesarily have to be the life straight after) because those which travel with you to the life after you forget for what reason you are entitled to a reaction, and hence the action is now dictated by a new intent.

If I killed Sukhi in my last life, and now the karam has spun around events in our lives would basically orientate to her being able to kill me or even wanting to kill me. I may tick her off to such an extent that one time on a cliff she decides to push me off and i fall down and die. she may poison my food or stab me while i sleep who knows why and how. The thing is that she wont remember the time I killed her so her association with the karam is a new one, meaning it hasnt actually negated the old one but evolved it into a new one where I am now entitled to killing her, because she had self identified with her action her intent was for her own reasons. And then in some other life I may decide to kill her but will not remember or know of this incident, and hence the chakar of karam is forever turning.

This is why the bhagvad gita was compiled infact this is the whole purpose of the Mahabharat. Your dharam is a form of sadhana if done with your own intention and expectations then it is not a true dharam but bad just like doing paath to hurt someone. But if performed out of love devotion and just acceptance instand of expectance, then it is forever fruitful and stuff. :)

So in the shabad where it mentions to souls becoming one, lol what does that have to do with karam ? as karam is not attached to the soul. But at the same time it highlights that with a union of marriage the two individuals will orientate their budhi around one anothers truth and each others understandings and hence any karam which they preform will usually be with one another in mind.

In the case of the auntie and uncle it is possible that the uncle had done something to dishonour aunty in some other life and hence when the karam revolved around the whole marriage and everything else was just a lead up to the payback. Now another intresting concept comes into play. If the whole of the marriage and everything prior was simply to allow her to cut his hair then what about all the karams created during the build up. Lol now you understand why they call this world an ocean and not just a puddle or small obsticle. The net is so intertwinned and so vast that we cant even comprehend how much there is going on, just try to comprehend the amont of links there are between neurons in the brain. (if written in size 10 font the total estimated and numer of posible combinations/permutations in the brain, would be 1 followed by 10.5 million kilometres of zeros) lol and thats just the brain something the size of a american football. Lol and the wheel of karam is unmanifest so heck knows how big that could be.

Going back to the uncle and aunty thing, when aunty reacted the way she did, she was not aware of any previous karam (infact there may not have been one and she may have now started off the cycle) and hence her intent was her own and she self identifed with the action meaning it became a karam.

The quick fix solution i would think is every action which is performed do it under the name of the guru. With the INTENT that it is being done for the guru. That way its up to your Guru to protect your ass and take all the crap if and when it hits the fan.

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