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something that really helps me concentrate more on gurbani is fully understanding what each line means... as u read it you know what each part means - this helps so much, and also it leads to u being able to memorise off by heart more... i suggest gettin a translated version and readin it in ur spare time - i guarentee it will help u concentrate much much more :D .... u can find these in the "download section"

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Hey...! I know we need some kind of understanding when we do our Paaht about what we are reading.... but is reading the "English translatoion" actually good??? After all it is sum1 elses understanding of what THEY think Gurubani means and they're perception...! Maybe it does have some truth in it, BUT when u read with the eng translation - yes it is beautiful but not as beautiful from when the answers come from within. I know most ppl wud not agree with me on this site cus a lot of the people read the eng translations - it has been commented on many times....!!!

To the point, someone might argue with me that you need to understand what u read in order to say it with heart.... and i used to have the same questions to... how could i possibly concentrate if i dont know what the hell im reading?????

Number one, no matter how much Paaht u do, if your Sangat is not gud then u aint gona be.... and nobody can change my mind about this. Nuber two, if you dont live a truthful (as much as u can - cus TRYING is wot counts) then u are also going to get nowhere..... number 3, when u REALISE what GuruJi is about yeah... truley.... then u will be able to read ur Paaht with that LITLE bit more devotion... youve planted the seed in reading your Paaht, now all u have to do is water that seed yeah, and it will grow....!!! Be thankful

When i do my Paaht, i acceptt more than try to understand. This may seem a weird concept to you, but i know deep dwn why y panj banis.... its my tax to Guru Gobind Singh Ji - its just the minium amount to get you at zero. Any lesss is going into negatives... the posotives coe when u water the seed, when u accept what your reading and think to yourself that about ONLY 500 year ago - Guru Nanak Dev Ji was chilling in India yeah - saying the exact same words i am about to read. YOUVE BEEN GIUVEN DIAMONDS...!!!!!!! Be thankful. And what other religion do ou know that can say that they can even utter the words they're God had said. Sikhi is he most modern religion.... and ost copattible with science... the power of uttering one word is so BIG...! My point is that understanding Gurbani will come fro within you... u have to learn to change your life too. Bring in other ppl to Sikhi, stop doing even little wrong doings... cus it all bulids up.

Another thing - think how lucky we are, we have been to be born into a human life with a Guru in it. And that is masterful thing to be thankful for...!!!!!!!

Paaht is the top noth, highest, best and ost beautiful thing in the world. With GuruJi's krpa we will hopefully understand it.... what is best - reading sobody elses version of what they think God meant or having the answer come fro within you???? huh????

God is resounding in each beat you heart is beating right now... this very second....He is in your skin, He is in your eyes, He is in you!!! Andd when you are reading your Paaht, your soul is getting so drenched in love... its crying out for Guru Nanak Dev Ji. And when your soul is sooooooooo drenched in Paaht and LIVING A GUD LIFE, wow it'll start coing out fro within you....

Sorry... i knwo im getting slightly off the subject... it will come in time...! The path is thinner than a strand of hair and sharper than a side of sword... so sumwhere in between the hair and the sword edege thats the path you take.... EVEN uttering the word VAHEGURU under your breath is beauty.... thats the only way i can describe ti really... beatuiful, cus dat wahat Sikhi is.

Its not just dooing the Paaht - yes thats totally needed and u cnt be a Sikh without it, its the life...! The rewards are the BOMB....!!!!!!!!!! You have the chance to be GuruJis son or daughter...

Answers always come from within... achknowleding before you read your paaht... and realising or clearing your head and taking a minuete to think this may be the last moment i live or the last time i do Paaht ever again... u'll do your Paaht that little bit more with devotion...!

Me gna shaaaarraap now....!


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How can we learn to concentrate better?

Though this is quite an old thread, yet it deals with something which is very much affecting to most of us.

There are several threads, posts on this forum dealing with this question, yet I would like to add my 2 cents: 

First of all no rush, for good concentration is a stage, an advanced avastha. 

Just as a good runner, had to first learn to stand on  his/her own feet, then stumbled while learning to walk, fell down and got up umpteen times, then with practice and patience, became a good runner.

Similarly, in meditation, concentration, some points are needed to be kept in mind, for those who pretend to walk on the narrow path of spirituality.

Purity in thoughts is required, then no toxicants such as tobacco, drugs or alcohol;  satwic food is required.

To concentrate better, we have to keep an eye on our mind, our thoughts.

This can only be done, by slowly become mindless.

So naturally, the question arises, how can we become mindless?

To that, the answer is His simran, His kirpa, His bakshish. 

His holy Name, is the only antidote to subdue and literally knock out the mind, once the mind is defeated,  it is only highway with no traffic (mind, thoughts) at all to His darbar, then our speed is like a bullet shot from a gun.

While repeating His holy Name, we should be absorbed so much in it, that only that exists for us, for it is only that what we see and hear within.

But to start with, we have to struggle and trust Him at all times without loosing courage nor faith, for the mind has been misguiding us since we step into the mayavee creation, and is not willing to loose control over our surtees.

The mind only derives power from the soul consciousness by dragging it into maya; once with the aid of Gurbani, one becomes aware of the Truth of His Name, then all our actions will go into that direction where we can for sure go and meet our beloved Sachay Patshaah Waheguru Akal Purukh, but  by first becoming mindless with concentration or better said, in succeeding in killing the mind.



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