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meaning of puja?

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what is the actual meaning and etymology of the word puja?

looking it up in a panjabi dictionary i get:

worship, adoration, veneration, respect, devotion.

but there is a big difference between worship & respect. can puja mean both of these things?

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poojna...to worship...Pooja is the act of worship.

Respect does not always bring worship. Puja is the act in whic you display your devotion and your Bhaav is the force that directs your love.

Respect can be a stepping stone, but definetly not the elevator that worship is.

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but i guess we need to know the right way of worshiping the god ..... as babaji says "ram ram karta sab jag phiray !! ram na paya jaay !!" ........ here babaji means that just by saying ram ram or waheguru waheguru or doing path etc etc is not a right/sufficient way to worship the god, we need to do the good jobs also

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well we got several religions & by those we got several ways to worship god, according to SIKHISM respect & worship have lot difference in them. its like giving respect to ur class teacher in ur school & studying in school.

in SIKHISM logic of worship/simran is to make you feel strong, so you might not get away from your right path, for example babaji says "aay janam tumharay lakhay madho!!" & "mayra mujh may kich nahi!! jo kich hai so tayra!!"

simran/worship is a prectise of "aarpan" giving urself to god.

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