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Are Sikhs Slaves???

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NEW DELHI, MAY 8. The Congress candidate from Outer Delhi, Sajjan Kumar,

today received a shot in the arm when a large number of prominent Sikh

leaders along with their supporters extended full support to him in the Lok

Sabha polls. These Sikh leaders included members of the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara

Management Committee who accused certain selfish Sikh leaders of misleading

the community on various issues.

The supporters gathered in huge numbers at the residence of Mr. Kumar at

Madipur in the morning. The AICC leader in-charge Delhi, Ahmed Patel, was

also present on the occasion and later addressed the gathering. In his

speech, Mr. Patel said the Sikhs had a glorious history of patriotism,

bravery and participation in the freedom movement. The Congress had always

given the Sikhs full honour and respect as it recognised the contribution

of the Sikhs to the development of the country. Stating that the Congress

had always worked to strengthen the secular fabric of the country, Mr.

Patel said unlike the Bharatiya Janata Party, the Congress did not thrive

by dividing people on religious lines. He urged the Sikh community to fight

the communal forces with full force and strengthen the hands of the

Congress. He expressed confidence that the Congress would register a

handsome win in the Lok Sabha polls in the Capital and termed Mr.Kumar as

one with a positive approach to all issues including those concerning the


Speaking on the occasion, Mr.Kumar condemned the BJP for unleashing a

misleading propaganda and levelling false allegations against him for petty

political gains.


BTW We need more people to sign the petition against Sajjan Kumar and Jagdish Tytler. Here is the link, please help the victims by signing.


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