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960 Million We Shall Be

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960 Million We Shall Be

There are no heavens after death. You can practice them here. If you can surprise yourself and surmount your personal difficulty, and rise above the negativity and look towards the light, you will be as bright as you think you can be. And that's the will of God. It is a path of a sage, a saint, a soldier, a seer. What is a sage? What is a saint? One whose personal inferiority does not bother him and his divine superiority guides him. There is no difference. The realism of life is the ecstasy of God.

960 million you shall be, and you will walk on this planet with grace and dignity, once mankind will be free of a man. We are born of the double-edged sword. We will be free in spirit, and ecstasy will be our right, and grace is our always there. Narrowness, shallowness, fear, and hollowness of thought has nothing to do with our path. The past is not our way; the future has to become today to face us. We are the blessed creation of almighty God. It's the God's glorified will in which the Khalsa appeared. I know that these days the question is being asked, "What shall happen to the Sikhs." Worry not, we have gone through this many times, but we are timeless. You do not understand, our watch doesn't mean anything, because after every 24 hours there comes the same sunrise again.

Chhiaanve karorr khalsa sachegaa

Khalsa raj karegaa

960 million khalsa there shall be

The khalsa shall rule

(Sau Sakhee)

I am saying to you all: you and your generations shall rule this planet forever. If man continues to survive for five thousand years, you shall survive in God's own Grace. When you don't forget that, you become the undying throne of this planet. Those who are challenging us, those who are planning to not let us exist, those who are trying to destroy us, we are grateful to them. They are our true love. Because they are making us stronger and stronger.

Our purpose is simple. Guru Arjan sat on the hot plate days in and days out to awaken the spirit of the Khalsa. Guru Teg Bahadur got beheaded so that the blood of that being could nurture the spirit of the Khalsa. The two sons of Guru Gobind Singh fought to give you the strength of the Khalsa. His two younger sons got into the very foundation and the bricks of you so that you can become Khalsa. And in our lifetime, Akal Takhat has offered itself to it's own martyrdom so that Khalsa should remember to be Khalsa.

Time will prove my word today. There shall be 960 million khalsa ruling in this earth, ruling the heart, head, prosperity and projection of all people. We shall illuminate the world in darkness and we'll warm the world in coldness. We'll serve the world at the cost of our entire strength.

The insanity will prevail in the next 20 years coming into the Age of Aquarius. It will be up to the year 2038, when things will come to a stage that people will wander around requesting to be taken into fold of Sikhism. For you, please continue to keep your beard intact and Khalsa will be your own son or daughter of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Some will go away, some will give us a bad time, but in the end, this Dharma shall rule this earth for 5000 years. You and your generations shall rule this planet.

Guru Gobind Singh, can you really know him? Yes you can. Wherever there is a body of the Khalsa, that's Guru Gobind Singh. Time and history shall record him in his magnificence and splendor. His subtle body shall cover our lives like the heat of a blanket. The brilliance of his subtle form will blind our eyes. Guru Gobind Singh is love.

If an action in life, good or bad, cannot create love, then that action is no good. That path is no good, that tradition is no good, that religion is no good. Guru Gobind Singh says:

Saach kaho sun leho sabhai,

Jin prem keeo tin hee prabh paaio.

I speak truth and all should listen

Those who love God, alone will get Him."

(Tav-prasaad Savaaiye, Guru Gobind Singh)

You know that God is Almighty. Guru Gobind Singh Ji tells us God becomes totally subjective to those who love him. He does not become subjective to those who worship Him. God does not become subjective to those who know Him, those who admire Him, or speak highly of Him. Those who love God, God becomes subjective to them. Love is a continuous jappa. Love is anhad. Always in my memory, my Love lives.

Extracted from "The Image of the Tenth Master - Guru Gobind Singh" by Yogi Bhajan

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