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Shaastra - help me identify these texts

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Hello people,

I'm either trying to identify what the texts are, or trying to find out how to get hold of them (marked *)...any help would be gratefully appreciated.

1) simiriti ratanavali * - interestingly this text mentions different types of 3rd gender (trittya prakrti)

2) Brahm Gyan Tantra

3) Kuth vali

4) Vaast Kukaar

5) Mokh Pradeep

6) Purshottam Maas Mahatam

7) Aprikhat Kaaruk

8) Praaychikutaadyaaay

9) Brahm Gita

10) Khipraa Mahatam, Kashi Mahatam, Pryaag Maagh Mahatam and Ganga Mahatam

11) Bhagti Kaustubh

12) Naishkaram Siddhi (*) - Sadhu Gurditt Singh ji Nirmala wrote a steek on this text

13) Saakhly Darshan Sutra

14) Vigyan Naokaa Tika

15) Subhaasit Ratan Bhaandhaagaar Saamaanuy Niti Prakaran Prishuth

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yep i would like help finding the above books too.. :|

lol JT I think I have an anthology on tantras and Bhram Gyan is in there too, i'll check it out to make sure in return I want that very old manuscript you have, I know its expensive and I know you dont want to give it out but Please please please just send me a copy..

The book im refereing too is The weekly TV GUIDE :P

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