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[align=center:8c3a6d690f]Vaheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Jee Kee Fateh ![/align:8c3a6d690f]

Cyber Sangat Jee,

A really good book that I recently bought is 'The Gallant Defender' by A.R. Darshi. The book is about Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa Bhindranwale.

The author is a retired Hindu Judicial Magistrate (Ex PCS Officer), Sub Divisional Magistrate and Joint Secretary to Government of Punjab.

Mr Darshi has written the book to “recall and commemorate the outstanding contribution made by Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwalé who had raised the spirit of the Khalsa .... in defence of the faith and the philosophy of the Khalsa, so fondly created and nourished by Guru Gobind Singh."

Highly recommended book.

[align=center:8c3a6d690f][scroll:8c3a6d690f]Bhindrawala Sant-Sipahi - Jinni Sutti Koum Jagai ![/scroll:8c3a6d690f][/align:8c3a6d690f]

[align=center:8c3a6d690f]Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa Bhindrawala the Saint - Soldier

Who awakened the sleeping Sikh Nation ![/align:8c3a6d690f]

[align=center:8c3a6d690f]Vaheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Jee Kee Fateh ![/align:8c3a6d690f]

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