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Are Kushwant singhs book recommandable?


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Dear cyber sangat,

I am tempted to buy Kushwant singhs book on sikhism...any book by him. but the thing that stops is all the controveries i heard about him. I was just searching some info about him on google, when i can across this site http://www.sikhtimes.com/bios_021503a.html He amply says that sikhism is a blend of hinduism and sufism. he mentions this in such a way that it does not bother him as what other sikhs and scholars would say and has no care in the world that it may be taken as blamous for some. I also heard he is a kheshdari hindu, which i personally think, makes no sense whatsoever, because he himself has said he is a agostic. I have read some articles written by him n must admit he is an excellent writer, a geniues if i must say....

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Nek. Khushwant Singh has gone from being a good writer who presented the Sikh viewpoint correctly to one who wastes no time in abusing Sikhi. His views contained in his speeches for the most part depend on which political alliance or individual is picking up the tab. Amongst Congress he will go on about what a friend ( ie chumcha ) he was to the Gandhi family, at BJP meets he will talk on the greatness of Indian culture and Hinduism and how the Gurus were Hindus.

His recent books are mostly soft porn, about the sexual antics of ppl he has known.

My advice is if you want books on Sikhism, a good book is the Sikhs by Patwant Singh. Try and get books by the institute of Sikh studies of Chandigarh

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Guest Sardar Moderator Singh

Nek, insofar as the recommendations concerning Patwant Singh are concerned, "The Sikhs" are a fairly straightforward account of commonly accepted Sikh History, as per the IOSS (Institute of Sikh Studies) are concerned, they are not too far from Kala Afghana in their views concerning Dasam Bani.

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