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yo guys..

i am trying ..or least wos trying to ..dial into my uni's radial connection thing..(which is done via a modem - so it is a dial-up)


well on my linux desktop.... :x :x i've got it set up..

and keeps telling me "cannot active network device .......failed to activate ppp0 with errror 8 ...

like i can't hear the thing buzzin..like there is no dial tone coming out of the tower it self

so then i plugged into a phone into da wall jack - and it works...

and then now i tried doing the same thing with my laptop

and it works..

so please don't tell me da jack on da back of da tower..is like screwed??

aaaaaaaaaaaagh i hate computers n da fact how they f**** u afta five months ..

btw ..i did make sure...da properties n shit of it..:-S

f****, pisses me off~

thanks advice wud be appreciated...

long as u dont tell me that the jack is screwed...

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ok, seriously, you a number of things can stop ur modem from diallig, one of them is bad connection settings.

Is ur modem supported on linux?

Have u tried dialling a different fone number through ur comp?

and welcome to geekville.

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ju think jur such a smart bwoy :roll: :roll:

thappar na kha lavi:p

yo disregard da problem since i am such a genius

IIIIIIIII ..(there is I in my team) ..IIII ...partioned my drive..(BY MYSELF)..and now i got windows XP


hath vich glassi jaan jatt di, mehfila vich wakhri peshaan jatt di...

oye hoye:p chardi ummrey galti malti ho jandi:p

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