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Excerpt from Prof. Puran Singh's "Prakasina"

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I've been reading Professor Puran Singh's book called Prakasina and I really liked this particular bit. It's from chapter 25 ("Poali Kanta").

One day, in the warm sunshine as they were sitting, both Allala and Lavina and the sheep too were basking in the sunshine a little further away, there came a voice, "My children," from behind and as they looked back, there stood the Mother!

They got up saying: "Mother! Mother!"

"The day has come," said she, "when Lavina should put on the Robe I left for her on earth, and you should take your rosary that I left for you and both of you go from here to the kingdom of Anardha. This rosary is the Grace of the Lord for you which descends today on you crowning all your efforts my son, and is symbolic of the Higher Ones bestowing on you all the powers that come to an Arahat as hands and feet come to an ordinary man. These powers are nothing to be proud of, just as no serious man thinks much about a new suit of clothes. They are just accomplishments of man, the beautiful man of love and faith.

"And the robe will bestow on you O daughter Lavina! all what I had in me during my last incarnation. It is one of my me's that is given to you today. I would, henceforth, live in you. And this necklace of rubies to be put with her permission, O son! round the neck of Prakasina with your own hands. It is her prize.

"And my children! I know, love is the greatest Reality on earth and in Heaven. It is the one and the same everywhere. The dog Ansi and your sheep have it exactly what blazes in the high Heaven.

"Be simple like babies in the feelings of love and live naming Him, let the song burn red in your blood with its infinite music unbroken. All else is of no consequences. Count those blissful moments of life in which you have been shown so many times now and in which how you melt into each other without leaving a trace behind of separation of any sort.

"My children! Do not go away with the thought that the material world is in vain or base, or vile. Look!" and here she put her hands on the foreheads of Allala and Lavina, and they both saw that every particle of matter had in it the whole of Heavenly glory, and every particle was alive with God's Breath.

"Seeing this be speechless, my children! Be as simple as babes. You know the Truth. It is both behind the veil and before the veil shining in equal splendour," continued Albita; "My children! Wherever you go, carry with you the fragrance of love and the Song of Nam. You have become the meanings of your own scriptures."

As they looked up to see her, Albita had vanished.

Next morning, as they prepared to go down, the hills around Poali Kanta monastery and all the terraces of the mystic place were full of Shining Figures, hundreds of Boddhisatvas, Adepts who had assembled there at that moment of their departure, to name the new completed man - Manmahaji - and it seemed the valleys shouted his Name! Manmahaji! Manmahaji! Rejoice! A new man has risen! Rejoice!

As they went a little distance, a voice came from behind: "Beloved! I am with you always." And just turning his head on one side, Manmahaji saw the Great One whom he had met at Mansarovar in the same faint almost invisible purple outline of Holy Mists. He turned back with full haste to fall at His Feet but the figure had disappeared! And as again looked ahead, Manmahaji saw Him entering into his body.

"I live here in you, and all that you have seen is your own self," came the voice from within.

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