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'Anurag Sagar' kabir

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'Anurag Sagar' is the most famous book of Kabir Sahib. Questions about the creation of universe asked by Dhani Dharam Dass, the main disciple of Kabir Sahib, have been given in this book. And in reply Kabir Sahib has given a complete description of the creation of universe. Kabir Sahib says that in the beginning God was in deep thoughtless meditation and there was nothing else except 'Him'. The five elements had not manifested. Neither was this universe, nor any soul. All this (manifested universe) was within God.


'Anurag Sagar' is the most famous book of Kabir Sahib. Questions about the creation of universe asked by Dhani Dharam Dass, the main disciple of Kabir Sahib, have been given in this book. And in reply Kabir Sahib has given a complete description of the creation of universe. Kabir Sahib says that in the beginning God was in deep thoughtless meditation and there was nothing else except 'Him'. The five elements had not manifested. Neither was this universe, nor any soul. All this (manifested universe) was within God. This state has also been described by Guru Nanak as follows:


Ùæ çÎÙé ÚñUçÙ Ù ¿¢Îé Ù âêÚUÃéH âé¢Ù â×æçà Ü»æ§ÎæH

(¥æçÎ »ý¢à Âë. v®xz)

He further explains that God thought of creating the universe and the 'Word' emanated from Him. This led to all the creation below Sat Lok. First of all, Satpurush created sixteen sons (sixteen manifestations or powers), Niranjan being one of them. Saints name him 'Kaal' or Brahm. He (Kaal or Brahm) worshiped Satpurush for 70 yugas and obtained in reward his right for a separate creation. Again he (Kaal) worshipped for 64 yugas and obtained a huge number of souls from Satpurush and in collaboration with primal Maya (Shakti) the three main Gods, Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh were created. To these four i.e. Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh and primal force Maya, was given the control of all the creation below Sat Lok. He (Niranjan or Kaal) was then completely absorbed in the meditation of Satpurush and primal force Maya was instructed not to reveal his (Kaal's) identity to his three children

Primal force Maya gave creation of this universe to Brahma, sustenance of the universe to Vishnu and destruction of the universe to Mahesh. After this Niranjan (Kaal) having created four Vedas and various religions through Brahma, started his own worship by all the souls. The souls were so beguiled that they forgot their real 'Home' and real 'Master'. The mind was associated with all the souls and they were so entangled in various 'Karam-Kand' (Rituals) that no soul of its own could escape to his real home. And the souls were governed by severe punishments.

Satpurush was moved to see the souls in grief and first of all asked his enlightened soul (Kabir Sahib) to go and free the souls from the clutches of Kaal and bring them to Him. Under the orders of Satpurush, Kabir Sahib appeared as Sat Sukrit in Satyuga and counseled a few souls for the real worship of Satpurush. Kaal told Kabir Sahib that he (Kabri Sahib) could not enter his kingdom. Kabir Sahib said that he was going under the orders of Satpurush to awaken the souls and if he (Kaal) tried to stop him, he (Kabir Sahib) could destroy his kingdom in a moment. Hearing this Kaal said, "I am governing through your grace only. Before going, please promise that you will not show any miracle to the souls to follow you. You will hold satsangs (spiritual discourses) for enlightenment and for preaching. You may make any soul your follower if he accepts your sayings." And Kabir Sahib gave him this boon. Had this boon been not given, how easy it would have been for the saints to make the souls their followers by showing miracles.

Kabir Sahib has described all the four yugas in this book. "Kaal Mat" (or the path of the Kaal)

Kabir Sahib says "the true master initiated me to 'Naam', made me repeat it and took me to Daswan Dwar to take bath in 'Amritsar', taught me the technique to wash off the dirt to countless births and enabled me to see that form of God which we cannot see with our eyes or hear with our ears or reach Him with these feet or worship him with these hands."

Kabir further says, "With the grace of Sat Guru, I have met God by concentrating upon word. I have merged in Him. The soul has become God just as a weather drop becomes sea by merging in it. Now the soul tastes the 'Amrit', the like of which does not exist on earth."

Many things of this world like Sugar etc. are sweet, but their sweetness is nothing when compared to the sweetness of the 'Word'.

"My Sat Guru is a Saviour, a see of mercy. But a few only recognize Him. He reveals the secret of Naam or word to him who recognizes Him. A diamond is valued only by a goldsmith."

Once a potter found a diamond in the soil and he tied it around the neck of his donkey. He went to a shopkeeper along with the donkey. The shopkeeper asked the potter the source of this shining thing. The potter said he found it in the soil. The shopkeeper said "It is very beautiful. Please give it to me." The shopkeeper paid the potter ten rupees for the diamond and shopkeeper's wife tied it to the weighing balance. One day a goldsmith visited the shopkeeper. On seeing the diamond, he thought that it must be worth a crore of rupees. He paid the shopkeeper twenty rupees and took the diamond and in turn sold it for a crore rupees in the bazaar. Hence only a goldsmith could recognize a diamond. Therefore it is said:

Similarly rare is the person who recognizes a Sat Guru having knowledge of the 'Word'. Only sixteen persons were initiated to 'Word' in Satyug and 22 in Treta yuga by Kabir. There is no such record for Dwapur yuga. But many persons recognized Satpurush in this Kalyuga.

One who recognizes a Sat Guru, listens to his teachings with full attention, accepts Him from the heart and obeys his orders.

During his tour, Kabir once met a sweet seller sitting proudly in his shop. Mercifully, Kabir said to him "Please come to Satsang." The shopkeeper asked his servant to give two jalebis (sweet) to this hermit. Kabir said "I don't want jalebis." Sweet seller inquired "Then what do you want?"

Simultaneously he ordered his servant to give him a few coins also. Kabir said, 'I don't want money, too." The sweetseller said, "You want neither jalebis, nor money. Then what do you want? It is my time to attend to the customers. Why are you obstructing like this?" Kabir said "Time is very less. Please do come to Satsang." The shopkeeper asked his servants to push him away from the shop. And the servants did likewise. Kabir came to the shop after a few days and said, "Gentleman, now very little time has been left. Come to satsang." The sweetseller said to his servant, "Don't let such persons come to me. Of your own, push them away from sight." The servants turned Kabir out. After seven days, Kabir again came and requested the sweet-seller humbly to attend the Satsang. The servants tried to push him away. Being well-built, Kabir stuck to his place. Then a servant hit him on the head with an iron rod. Kabir's head was broken, the blood was coming out and his clothes were drenched in the blood. But Kabir remained humble and said "Seth Ji, now the time is really very less. Do come to the Satsang." The sweetseller paid no attention to him. After a week when Kabir came again, the sweetseller had already died. Kabir came to the sweetseller mercifully but he did not value his advice. The moral of the story is that only very few people recognize the saints in time, get initiation of the Word and then merge in the Lord through it.

Saints come into the world to do good to us. They want to liberate us from this cycle of eighty four. We should not quarrel with them but should get enlightenment from them and act on their teachings. The sweetseller would have definitely benefited if he had recognized Saint Kabir.

I will post more if you want me too.

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Kabir says, "Listen, you have got priceless treasures in your body."

You cannot get this treasure without the grace of Sat Guru because the Guru has got the key of this treasure.

Guru in the form of 'Word' resides in us but He is locked inside and we are sitting outside. Therefore, how can we meet Him? Getting a key of 'Word' from the outside Sat Guru, then practicing It we can reach Him inside. We have to remove the darkness of 'Moh' from inside by the light of the teachings of the Guru. Only then shall we be able to see the priceless treasure inside. Kabir says to Dharam Dass "I am going to write the book "Anurag Sagar". Only a rare great soul will understand its secret or recognize its importance."

Kabir says "I am going to write the book 'Anurag Sagar'. Very few people will understand its language. Such people will have the burning desire to meet God."

Therefore I am going to describe everything of the inner worlds". The secret of Nirvan Pad or Sat Lok will be revealed in Anurag Sagar.

Bowing at the feet of Kabir, Dharam Das begs, "Sat Guru, I have a doubt in my mind. Please remove it. The doubt is, what is Anurag or Love? How does one feel when Love or Anurag sprouts from within? How can we recognize a person who is Anuragi or Love-bitten? All look alike from outside. However some are so powerful that a word from them brings about punishment of death to a person. Devotees of God like Guru Nanak were tormented and put behind bars. How to find whether one is Anuragi (i.e. Lover of God) or not? Yes, at least I do understand that without love, separation, pain and burning desire, one cannot meet God."

Kabir says, "Dharam Dass, you have asked the questions, now listen to the answers with full attention. The signs of a person in love with God are soothing. The deer loves sound. The hunter takes advantage of this and plays a sound of its liking. The deer comes running and places its head in the lap of the hunter. The deer has the least doubt that it has reached in the lap of the hunter and that the hunter will butcher it. It is not afraid of that. The love, the attachment of sound created detachment in the deer and it came running after the sound. This is an example of Anurag or love.

This is a story from Lyalpur and its deputy commissioner who belonged to Sialkot. His old mother was fond of going to Baisakhi festival and dancing there. When Baisakhi festival came, she asked her son to take her to the festival as she was not sure of her lasting to live for the next festival. Deputy commissioner said, "Mother, you will start dancing on reaching the festival & this will bring shame (insult) to me." The mother said, "You take me there, I will not dance." But on reaching there, hearing the beat of the drum, she could not control herself and started dancing. The people were stunned to see this old lady dancing with such a force. Some one recognized her and said that she was the mother of the D.C.

People caught hold of her and put her in the car. The moral of the story is that when a person is detached (from the surrounding), he looses her awareness/consciousness. This loss of consciousness is called Anurag or love. He is not afraid of social shame and his Guru's attention compels him to come running for a 'darshan'. This Anurag (or love) manifests in Sahaj state.

Anuragi people are recognized of their own. The moth does go to the lantern whether it belongs to rich or poor. Reaching the lantern, it might burn itself. Anuragi (or lovers of God) are similarly attracted to the Saints and they come running to them. Kabir further says that the Anuragi gets initiation from a living saint, practices Naam, sees light inside and contacts his Guru in the form of sound current.

Only the liberated one liberates. Guru Sahib says, "I have contacted a Guru who is a liberated one and He can also liberate me from this round of eighty four (i.e. births & deaths)."

It means that I got initiation from a living Saint, practiced Naam and then 'Word'- manifested - Guru caught hold of me from the arm and took me along with Him. This is the sign of a Guru that He takes the disciple out of the darkness and shows him the light within.

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When king Bhartarihari went to palace from his 'Darbar', the queen inquired about the cause of his sadness. The king said, "There is nothing to worry." The queen persisted and the king said that he saw today an event which he had not seen before. My minister died today. When his pyre was lit, his wife placed his head in her lap and burnt herself along with him. Hearing this, the queen said, "How should a faithful woman behave according to you?" The queen inquired about the time of death of the Minister. The king told her that he died at 10 a.m. The queen again asked, "And when was he cremated?" "At 4p.m.", the king replied. The queen said, "How could she remain alive from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.? The wife is faithful only if she gives up her life as soon as the husband dies." The king thought that the queen is telling a lie. She should be tested. The king went on thinking about this matter for two months. And then one day, he tore his clothes, sprinkled some blood on them and asked his minister to give these clothes to his wife with the information that the king had died during hunting. The minister came to the queen and said, "O, queen! these are king's clothes." The queen recognized the clothes and inquired about the details. The minister said, "It is not worth telling." The queen persisted and the minister said, "The king had an encounter with a lion and the lion killed......." And she collapsed and gave up her life the moment she heard the word 'killed'. The king came running. The doctors were called but it was too late.

The king was sad that. He thought that he would not get so good a wife in the world now. The relatives said that they wanted a heir to the throne who could run the government. The king married again. He respected the second queen as much as the first one. One day a Saint gave the king an "amarfal" and said, "You will always remain young, O'king, if you eat this fruit." The king thought that he was already past the prime of his life and it would be of no use to become young now. He, therefore, gave this fruit to his wife and said, "Eat this fruit and you will always remain young." The queen said, "I shall eat it in the morning." The queen was in love with the mahout. She took the fruit to him and said, "By eating this amar fruit I will remain youthful while you will grow old and I won't like this. So take this fruit and eat it." The mahout said, "I was attending to elephants the whole day and lot of dirt is sticking to me. I shall take a bath & then eat it." This mahout in turn was in love with a prostitute. He went to her in the night and said, "This is amar fruit. Eat it. It will keep you youthful & beautiful." The prostitute also said that she would take it after the bath. Then this prostitute started thinking that if she ate this fruit, she would remain entangled in this lustful life throughout her life. She thought of the religious nature of the king and decided that she would offer this fruit to him so that he could practice religion and devotion to God for a long time. Thus within 24 hours the amar fruit was back to the king. The king asked the prostitute, "Who gave this fruit?" She said that the mahout had given it to her. On enquiry, the mahout said that the queen had given it to him. The queen said that she ate the fruit as soon as the king gave it to her. When the king threatened, the queen said that she loved the mahout and therefore gave the fruit to him. And the mahout admitted of his love for the prostitute and hence he gave the fruit to her. Then the king started accusing himself, "I may be cursed a lakh (100,000) times for I did not eat this fruit myself. And the queen be cursed crore (10,000,000) times for she gave up the love of a king for a mahout. The mahout in turn be cursed arab (1,000,000,000) times for he preferred a prostitute to the queen. Out of all, the prostitute fared well. The king thought about this episode and became sad. He gave up the kingdom and became an ascetic. In this way, the king Bhartarihari and his former wife set an example to follow.

Kabir says, "Dharam Dass, Anurag is an ocean of love. The knowledgeable and the awakened are not afraid of the vast depth of its water. They dive and bring the pearls out of it. I am going to describe a book which contains the language of love. It is a huge ocean. You have to understand it and reach its depth. One who ties oneself to Naam or 'Word' of Guru, he forgets his family and ancestors."

Kabir advises Dharam Dass that such an 'Anuragi' man or devoted man has no delusive attachment for his wife and son and to him all the things of the world appear as if they are a dream. A son was born to his wife in the dream. To (teeth) of 'Kaal'. When Kaal closes its jaw, we shall die. None except Sat Guru will be of help at that time. Tears roll down the eyes of a dying person. The relatives think that he is weeping because of their separation. They tell him that he is leaving them but he should tell them the whereabouts of the money kept by him. The poor fellow is being troubled by the messengers of death and relatives are after his wealth.

Some men love the woman so much that they are prepared to give up their parents and relatives for her sake. Even they would sacrifice their lives for her. Ravan kidnapped Sita due to infatuation for her. Rama wept a lot due to separation from Sita. He inquired about his Sita from the trees and the birds, thousands of people were killed in the war that followed. But when war ended, you know the result.

Kabir says that man has come alone and will go alone. Man weeps and makes requests for his selfishness. But in this way he can neither meet God nor enjoy this world. Ram & Krishna were house holders. Even Guru Nanak has extolled the householder's life and said," Ik nari so jati kahave." That man is the best who loves only his wife. Relatives and wealth are like a dream. The life is a drama & the world is its stage. Someone is born a king and another queen. Some one is mother & another her son. When his part is over, he dies and leaves the stage of this world. Therefore a man should meet God and to attain it, he should get the true Naam (Satnam). That Satnam he can have only from the saints. Children leave their mother who has sacrificed her life for their love. We forget our father/husband after a few days of their death. Kabir says that if man loves someone due to selfishness, then he forgets him the moment the work has been done. We hardly remember our father, mother, brother or friend. Only Satnam helps at the time of death if you be one with IT.

Kabir is telling Dharam Dass that man loves his body the most and even this body does not go with him when he dies. All the things accumulated in the world are left behind. None can save a person from the messengers of Yama (God of death). Yes, a Sat Guru can save us from them but we don't love Him. We love a place which we have to leave but don't bother about the place where we have to go.

We are busy keeping the body beautiful, knowing well that it will be left behind. But we don't care for the Sat Guru who will take care of us at the time of death and take us further on the path after death.

Listen, I tell you one more fact that this truth is revealed only to the one who develops love for God in the heart.

"Listen Dharam Dass, Sat Guru is the only force which can liberate us from this world as well as from the clutches of the messengers of Yama. Have faith that only Sat Guru can with her husband) & the brave soldier, then he too successfully goes inside to reach Daswan Dwar, take bath and become a fine soul. His condition is similar to that of a 'Sati' who has the aim of burning herself on the pyre of her husband. A man should remember the time of his death, attend satsang of his Guru and thus save himself from the suffering inflicted by Kaal. Thus he should finish the cycle of birth & death."

Kabir says that only a brave disciple will tread this path. Therefore only a few can meet the beloved Lord. It means that such a disciple gets the Naam from his Sat Guru, practices it, proceeds step by step, reaches Daswan Dwar, takes bath, sees the light of twelve suns, becomes a pure soul and merges into his beloved Lord.

Now Dharam Dass requests Kabir to tell him the method to become consciously dead so that this world ceases to exist for him. What is that stage when a man can be called consciously dead? Kindly tell me about it. O' nectar-rain-causing Lord, explain to me this method in detail by which a man attains God by becoming consciously dead.

Kabir says, "Dharam Dass, what should I tell you? These are things beyond words."

There is a sound which is always present inside the body and this sound has got no description. I cannot give you any example to explain these things which exist inside us. This tongue cannot describe this secret.

Kabir explains to Dharam Dass further that Bhringi brings the insect to its home and makes its body look like itself (Bhringi). Both live in the same house. If the insect does not listen to the call of Bhringi, then it is thrown out of the house. The saints act similarly.

Like Bhringi, the saints also want to make the disciple like them provided he trusts them. The saints initiate him on the path and get him practice repetition of Naam & meditation and then make him alike them.

If iron is touched by Paras, then it becomes gold. But paras cannot convert iron into a paras. The saint, on the other anything after the death of his father, especially when his father had left so much money. Violating the teaching of Guru Nanak, he had, therefore, got all these meals prepared for feeding the pandits. Guru Nanak said, "Do you believe that the food fed to the pandits will reach your father?" Dunichand said, "That I don't know. But I have got rid of these people's criticism at least." Guru Nanak said, "Your father is dying of hunger." "How do I know that?", said Dunichand. Guru Nanak said, "Go a little distance into the forest and you will see a tiger sitting under a big tree. That tiger is your father in its present birth." The disciple said, "My father did a lot of meditation during his life time. Then how is it that he has become a tiger after death?" The Guru replied that it was because of his last wish. The meat was being prepared in the neighborhood when he was near death. The smell of the meat created a desire in him to at least taste it once as he had never eaten meant during his life time. And he had died immediately thereafter.

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