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Interesting video of former head of the KCF

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I do not like this Siddiqui guy trying to justify human-rights abuse against militants and their families. Since when do those who claim to uphold the law violate it? He is representative of bastard Indian mindset thinking they can commit genocide and then get away with it. He should understand that it was first his Indian government who denied to Sikhs the right to their mother-tongue (Punjabi) the right to exist as an independent religious minority (Sikhs defined as 'Hindus' in Indian constitution) among many other violations democracies do not commit against their own citizens.

The Indians put Sikhs/Punjabis in the front-line in all 4 of their wars (3 with Pakistan, 1 with China). Sikh regiments were sent straight to the front-line and got little backup in the Indo-China war and were thus wiped out in a humiliating defeat for India.

Sikhs were among first to be sent into East Pakistan and it was to a Sikh (Jagjit Singh Arora) that Niazi signed Pakistan's surrender to.

What reward did Sikhs get? Every promise made to them broken, an attack on Golden Temple, massacre in Delhi, Hindus shouting out that India is for "Hindi, Hindu, Hindustan" and "Kacha Kara Kirpan , Ihnu BheJo Pakistan" even in Amritsar, a holy city founded by Guru Ram Das.

I feel very hurt and sorry for the young lady (Amanjeet Kaur). It is rare to come across someone with such courage and a forgiving heart. She wants to be a doctor like her father was so that she can help "heal others". I am hopeful she will go far in life.

Zaffarwala is an indian agent. who made him the head of kcf? Panjwar is the current head to my knowledge.

There are two factions of the Khalistan Commando Force. One was named after a pind (Panjwar) near Tarn Taran in Amritsar the other must have been under Zaffarwal. He is no Indian agent, why would he then spend 18 years in exile (most of it in Pakistan) only to return as a small-time farmer? As if anyone would give up their life like that with no reward...

Its like that Siddiqui said, Indian government does not see Sikh militants or revival of Khalistan movement as a serious threat. And why should they? Nothing in Punjab anywhere near the scale of what goes on in Kashmir, Assam, Nagaland, Tripura etc happens... Most of the Sikh militants as you can see are old men now. Obviously they are not taken seriously.

They are right that violence would not solve much but then what were they to do? They had to defend themselves and their religion against India and its disgusting people.

Does anyone see an improvement anywhere in that hell-hole? I only see it getting worse. Chandigarh was famed as being 'city beautiful' but now has areas that look like backwards slums of UP and Bihar (Funnily enough it is the Bhaiyaas and Biharis who live in those areas). Ludhiana is home to thousands of illegal migrant workers from Hindustan who agree to work for lower wages thus taking jobs away from the unskilled and semi-skilled Punjabis who know their rights and will not work for less than minimum wage. This is a huge crime and should not be tolerated. What is even worse is they live in illegal constructions (called jhuggis) and are non-domiciles of the state yet many still seem to vote in polls and elections (for corrupt politicians).

You also go read any online Indian newspaper and see that outstanding demands of Punjab are still unanswered (Hussainwala border, Ferozpur is still closed, Chandigarh is still a UT, Punjabi-speaking areas still in Haryana, Rajastan and Himachal, wheat movement from Punjab to Kashmir still banned, Sikh artefacts removed during Bluestar still lying somewhere in Delhi). They dont resolve these issues they only add to them now like SYL canal, funding of Urdu institutes in Haryana but not for Punjabi, setting up of Hindi newspapers in Chandigarh and Punjab, the list goes on and on.

India is a disgusting country and would be better off dismantled.


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