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Aadh Chandh? What is its significance?

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It is all explained fully and truthfully here:


Because a (Akali Nihang) Singh is Mahakaal Svaroop (own form of Shivji Maharaj), therefore the Singh has an Aad Chand (half-crescent moon) on his head just like Shivji.

It's all to do with the psychology of Akali Nihang Singh warfare.To become Mahakaal, in order to protect the Sikhi Panth.Mahakaal is also the protector of Tibetan Buddhism.But we Sikh also have Mahakaal to protect us as Akali Nihang Singh Khalsa.

So why Shivji?Well, it should be obvious, warfare is all about death, destruction, pain, blood.All these kinds of things are associated with Shiv and His Shakti.In order to defeat a terrifying enemy, you have to become even more terrifying (bhyaanak) yourself.Hope you understand.

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