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soverign sikhs

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A question to my sikh family.

I would like to know are we soverign? Did Gurji give each sikh soverignity?

Does this mean that we are each kings?

If this is true that each one of us are soverign, then why are we not practicing that. Example I could go out with a spear and sword and all sort of shasters and the police should not arrest me if I am soverign.

Please explain to this simple sikh. :?

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Guest Maha_Pavitar

I think the Gurdwara is the most soverign element in Sikhi...just look at how it's set up, the way Guroo Jee is placed on a beautiful palki & decorated. The way we bow in reverence..Most Gurdwaras in India have a Singh at the gate, even the small, non-historical ones..

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