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OpenSSH & Password Expiry in Solaris


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I dunno its right forum or not.. but i think i should try asking my friends first...

So My problem is:

OS: SUN Solaris 8...

I ran jass tool for os hardening and it set a password expiry policy for the users for x days. it warns users at login time if passwd is expiring within next 7 days. Suppose, one user didn't change its password and crosses the expiry limit. If user logs in via telnet, it would force him/her for the password change. but, I can not run telnet so i have openssh. but, here is the problem.. if password has expired, it won't allow user to login nor it prompts for password change ( as telnet do)... I want it that way (telnet way).. what to do.. :( help kero dostooo :cry:

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You might want to post your question on their forum to get fast response if you haven't got one.


Also, make sure you got the lastest version of http://www.openssh.com/

Thanks buddy!!

i got the ans on the same day.. u r right i was using old version of ssh.. which has this problem... it is solved in newer version ( 3.8p1)!! :)

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