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21st century

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ssa veeji & pahenji i am new to this forum so bhul chuk maf karni i have given my intro to the forum aboce so any confusion about me just read it there

I am surfing on sikh site's i have found this & another one & there is one contest is going there so i just added there also U should also enter it there


Is u have read the above link i have written one debate on it i want u to ask what i have written is gud or bad

Essay on Sikhism in 21st century

If we talk about Sikh people what the first thing come in our mind that the boy is wearing Turban he got beard & mustache on his face’s. This is the best way in the world to recognized Sikh person & if it Girls then she don’t make there eyebrows & especially don’t trim there hair.


But the question is to be asked Is that formula can be applied in 21st century to recognize Sikh people in 21st century & the answer would be big “NOâ€.

Ok we Changed our self’s with need of modernization in the world. Sikh Boys starting Fixing their beard with gel & some Fixco etc & Sikh girls started making there eyebrows (threading) Which is quite acceptable for the basic need’s of the 21st century.

But the problem has now started because modernization is gone so far that it making a move to existence of Sikhism. It’s right to say that Sikh people are at very top position in every department in every part of the world but couple of people can make impression of Good culture in the limits they can’t stop where the young Sikh’s are going now a days


The main problem of Sikh boys cutting their hair is started from 1984 riots in India. Where different caste people due to this many people cut down murder thousands of Sikh their hair & many left the country. So those people who have cut down there hair at that time few of them taken AMRIT & become Sikh again but many don’t so from there family are just cutting down there hair. They go to gurdwara like us do what ever we will do for our religion but still don’t wear turban & we can say them CUTSURD.

The main reason of now days of cutting down is media. Media is one the main reason for Sikhism they r not teaching anything to promote Sikhism there culture & values.

U will see many Punjabi videos (pop albums) they are talking about Punjabi, Sikhs but u will hardly see any Sikh in video. If u see some they have so badly trimmed there beard that u will feel sorry for Sikh’s. Many Punjabi singer who say we are sikh have hardly have beard on there face for example Malkit Singh, Balwinder safri , Daler mahendi, Jassi sidhu . I am just given example of few who wear turban only But what about other ethic’s & rules which should be followed by Sikh son’s. If I will give the example of cutsurd singer then the list will never ends.

I can give you one more of film ((http://store.yahoo.com/nehaflix/kabkhuskabgh1.html))

U will see fun of Sikh’s in this film.

Girls are trimming their hair without no hesitancy few of them cut down their hair to boy cut hairstyle also. They have started drinking, smoking going out pubs coming late to their houses because of this modernization. Parents are loosing there control over there children.childrens are marring with other religion group. Some time parents against this Which is good but sometime parents just see that person is from good family & don’t see that it is from outer religion.


If you frankly ask the solution of this problem then there is quick solution for it but it can be changed with time with tough decision to be taken if we wants that our children should follow there religion.

People who have cut down there hair should not be given right to participate in any Sikhism big things like voting in gurdwara’s posting any position in any gurdwara comety. If u will see boy have trim there beard Or girl there hair then he or she should be not given permission to enter gurdwara boundaries I know it’s tough but at least we have to do something People who do this type of they who are destroying our religion should also loose something. If one person is pure gursikh & other has trimmed or cut down his hair diff priority should be given because he gone to his guru’s path. Good smart turbaned wear Sikh’s should come forward & should be shown in music videos of bhangra it will make people change their mind.

At last we have to stand together to pray to god to give good commonsense to their followers to go there’s guru’s path otherwise Sikh people will be history only & in few years only books are only available for Sikh’s no practical Sikh would be there.


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lol sorry to say it but i disagree with you on sooooo many ways.....

how can you exclude sum1 from the gurdwara!! thats the whole point of the gurdwara...ANYONE can come (well not sum1 who drunk)

If u will see boy have trim there beard Or girl there hair then he or she should be not given permission to enter gurdwara boundaries I know it’s tough but at least we have to do something People who do this type of they who are destroying our religion should also loose something

lol paaji thats wrong...

you gotta show them pyaar...

the main problem today is the lack of education about sikhi...if ppl knew they'd b sucked in....

but they dont...if you dont show them pyaar, then they wont join...

do you hnstly think that if you told em to leave the gurdwara theyd have any pyaar for sikhi...

most likely they wud probably think that sikhi is being run by a bunch of arrogant singhs/singhnia who think they are better than others...

we need to being them in...not push them out...

who are we to judge that they dont have the sharda in them to come gurdwara...

there quite a few ppl here that dont keep their hair but have an interest for sikhi...

alot of my friends are really interested in it...but they not ready to go ll the way yet...all i can do is feed their interest...

if i sed "OH YOUR NOT CUMIN GURDWARA CZ UR NOT A SIKH!" theyd jus think wat a prik! and prbly lose all the interest they did hav...

how bout instead of this 'radical method', we jus do more parchaar...

luv him or hate him, Sant Jarnaill Singh Bhinderawale converted alot of ppl back into sikhi...follow his methods..(well the 1z that would actually wrk here)

lol basically wat im sayin here is CHILL MA BROTHER!!!!!

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exactly - i agree with jassa 100%

its not the fact that u have to be strict - that will only deter people from sikhi - they will think that all sikhs are - (this is the fav word of da times) fanatics!!!

end of the day - let people live how they want to - it doesnt bother me at all now - im on my own journey - for myself - not anyone else ., from wat ive learnt in my life is - there are people who do not want to take this path - and there is nothin u can say which will change them - its as simple as that

if people want to learn they will - if people sit down and listen to guru jis AND understand it - they will take the path of sikhi without being forced into it

u see my local gurdwara on vaisaki - how many poeple take amrit - it ranges from young singhs.... to teenage mundey who have cut hair (but they wear a paag ontop and will let the hair grow) to old bibiya

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Thx for reading the whole letter

I know i am little harsh But i jsut want to make one point asking those People who have cut down there hair & teach many other to do so (i am in india and seein at daily bases)

The big problem they thought that ki Sikh gurlz now a dayz like more hindu (which is frankly proving right in india).Ok many will mary to sikh boys but before that I am talking about freindship circle so sikh boyz thought ki they should cut down there hair for girls & once they cut down never come back.

From one site i have come to know that there is only 2% sikh's left in country i mean who wear turban & don't trim.

So i just want to ask that What they "loose" if they cut down there hair & what we "gain" After going on our guru's path


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dont make em feel guilty by showing ur way is better than his/her.. show em love and caring... show em offers of khalsa way of live with pyaar....dont diss em...

there is this gurmat class in my town ...speaker always talk about youth crimes and so on.. thats now the effectiv way.. the only think that can make em realise the truth its guru himself.. gurbani is like a arrow if you heart is soft it will hit you and effect you.. if its hard then it will defo hit you but it wouldnt effect... we can only try..rest is all up to vaheguroo and a person past lives karam.. we are only gurus kookars :D

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You all have said it clearly and it make sense so I will add more to it which I saw at sikhnet and its related to this topic and make it more clear.

The below was posted by navdeepjit singh:

Waheguruji ka khalsa

Waheguruji ki fateh

At this time where ever we are our new generation is drifting away from Sikhism. Falling in for western culture, drugs, alcohol, sex and what not. I had a chance to talk to many of them from Fresno, CA to Calgary, Alberta and it was not a pleasant experience. And same thing happened in Punjab. Our youth the future of sikhism is drifting away only because of lack of proper leadership and no programs channelising the energy of our youth plus total indifference towards misled youth. All, I want to say is, our leadership is failing them from all aspects, education, social, religious grounds. There is nothing they can turn for help. If we keep isolating them at this rate, believe me there will be no one doing paath in Gurdwaras on which we are spending millions of dollars. Stop building these gurdwaras and start investing in our youth. Approach them, love them, stop looking at them as outsiders, hug them, may be thats all they want from us. Think about it and let our preachers and leaders know. Lets talk about our generation who was born and brought up in foreign lands. They were unable to learn punjabi due to many reasons better known to us and quite understandable. How many preachers we have who can talk to them and explain bani in English? I think very few. Our system of preaching needs an overhaul for sure. Youth in Punjab, the place of sikhism, are so frustrated with approach of sikh clergy towards them. I met this girl from Punjab University, Chandigarh. When I started talking about this issue, she totally bursted out. She told how one of her friends started taking drugs and she along with her friends took her friend to this Gurdwara in Chandigarh for help. She said that Babaji or granthi Singh got so upset that he told them to leave and that Gurdwara wasn't for druggies. What are we doing? Killing that innocent generation, pushing them towards destruction and away from our great sikhism. Please help them, the sikh youth needs our help. The issue of not allowing sikh women to do seva in Golden Temple is disgusting. I think, this explains the need of religious education for our religious leaders.

Hopefully, someone will read this and extends one's hand towards our future.

Waheguruji ka khalsa. Waheguruji ki fateh

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Sat Sri Akal:

"Fixing their beard with gel & some Fixco etc & Sikh girls started making there eyebrows (threading) Which is quite acceptable for the basic need’s of the 21st century. "

What is so acceptable about the above practices? Please enlighten as to how threading (which is essentially "flossing" the hair off your face) is acceptable. Fixo...know many people who use it...but why not keep beard open (unless you have work related issues such as working in surgery).

And by the way, what's so different about the 21st century that we have to adapt our Guru Roop?

(This is not meant to be an insulting post. If it feels so, I apologize. However, I would like to hear within what context the comments above are made?)

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lol u knw wat yeh...ur rite...

its not rite for girls to thread/wax... n all dat otha stuff...

BUT its coz of us men that they do it....

im gna b brutally honest here...sori if ya dnt like it...

removing hair is obviously wrong...any method is wrong...

but theres pressure on them...

im not saying its right for them to remove it...its not...

but if they cant handle it i dont want to be the type of person to say "wat the hell u doin u siner!!"

but bundeh...even singhs...have these preset requirements of "Chitee hoveh teh sohnee hoveh"

its almost as if their level of sikhi is the last consideration! until we as singhs take our responsibility and get past this they aint really gonna change...

there are those that dont need the encouragemnt of singhs..but equally there are those that do...

this has come out wrong...

i fink it sounds like im sayng that grls wid facial hair...or eyebrows r ugly;...thats nt wat im sayin...

im sayin that we live in a very vain society all trying to please other people, never pleasing Guru Ji the only one that matters....

so singhs...if you dont like the idea of ur sisters removin hair...den start the encouragemnt, tell em dey dnt need it...dat dere beautiful in the way God made em, and the roop that Guru Ji chose for them...


by the way...im not blaming anyone that does do it...

if you feel u can do widout removin den safe...if you dont den try n work towards it...

bhull chuk khimaa!!

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ke fateh!!!

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Sat Sri Akal:

I do agree with what you are saying, Jassa. Personally, I really do not care whether a woman threads, cuts, shaves, burns, slashes or electrocutes (same goes for men). They have yet to learn about a basic requirement of Sikhism and that (hopefully) will come in time.

But this statement that Sikhs must comform to the 21st century...I can't tell you how many variations of this theme I have heard to excuse cutting kesh (can't get a job, can't find a person to marry, it was only given as a battlefield uniform and is no longer needed etc.). It gets upsetting to read.

Forgive the gushing. :oops:

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yeh i know wat ur sayin....

i hate the fact that sikhs arnt strong enough to go into the world as they are and how Guru Ji made them....

but when you go to a girl and say ur doin this and ur doin that....its not gonna do anything but push her away...

maybe im wrong here...but i think that all girls who thread/remove hair know that its wrong according to sikhi....

could any girls here talk about this...or isit a touchy subject...

lol dont worry ur behind a computer screen...ya can b honest!!

or isit an opinion upon certain girls that removin hair isnt wrong??

do u think this deserves a seperate discussion?? i think it does?its moved away from the original topic... but then admin paaji gonna go flipmode on me sayin dat i shudnt create a new 1 when there 1 goin on...so im stayin away...lol sori admin ji!!

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in my honest opinion - guys are more religious then kuriya...

i know im gonna get grilled by kaur1699 now :P:P

im not talking about the singhs and singhniya - im talkin about the average person in the streets

more kuriya have moved away from their religion then the mundey

when was the last time u saw a kuri who didnt do their eyebrows - and have their hair cut in some way or form - most of em drink - some even smoke.... i knew some people did this kinda stuff b4 - but when i got to uni i was propa shocked :shock: :shock:

ive seen kuriya out drink men!! lol.... i think its a shame :cry: :cry:

dont get me wrong there are some sidi kuriya out there - but most of em are messed - but if u look at da guys - u see more singhs with kesh dharis - who aint amrit dhari - my brother isnt amrit dhari or anything - he keeps his kesh - his dhari is propa long - hes never drunk or smoked - but da bandar eats meat lol :P:P

hope i aint offended anyone - just wanted to point out my views on this


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