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Names- Do they have a meaning?

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sukh = comfort, peace, ease

mani = jewel, gem, (in this context i've also heard it can mean treasury)

sukhmani = treasury of comforts/peace.

an alternative meaning for u.




derived from the ancient sanskrit term guv'nor. originally meaning chief/leader of the tribe, but later used to mean lord of the world, king of kings & the don.

hmmm... seems my name suits me very well :D... if i may say so myself! ;)

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very berry nicely done.

Maha_Pavitar, don't worry. i wasn't being serious either. :P

i've got a name that no one can seem to produce a meaning for... heh heh heh... mebbe u guys can help out!

the name is... *drumroll*... Barinderpal.

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Guest Maha_Pavitar

Exactly Rattanjeet jee..actually in most places in bani rattan is 'pearl' not that it is too different from jewel. I just like to think of 'pearls of wisdom' or 'pearls of victory' implying a string of things perhaps?

Well jee..Bar+inder means brave god and pal means protected by or a caretaker

So to mean that's a funny combination! The protector Brave God? :?

Hey..who are YOU calling an encyclopedia? lol

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My name..Aman, it's a Panjabi word..you hear it in Paath/Kirtan

Means Peace.

Full name, Amanpreet, Aman = Peace

Preet = Love

Someone who loves peace.

Most names do have a meaning, however if it's a unique name such as my cousins name "Upnesh", it doesn't have a meaning.

Fateh Ji

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