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Guru Gobind Rai? or Guru Gobind Bahadur?


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I know this sounds kinda wierd and these nothing to back this up with, but was Guru Gobind Rai really his name before he added Singh?

And Plus when did Our Gurus' start giving the Guru ships inside the family?

Or am i asking questions that one here seems to know?

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well from what i read, it was guru gobind rai. i never heard of guru gobind bahadur. where did u et that from?

i think it was from the 3rd guru onwards that the guruship was passed on within the family...

sure some one can verify it :)

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I didnt really get it anywhere, i was at my Gurus' Names from a poster, and i noticed that after Guru Har Rai Ji the Surnames where not the same?

7. Guru Hai Rai Ji

8. Guru Har Krishan Ji

9. Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji

10. Guru Gobing Singh Ji (Or before Amrit Guru Gobind Rai)

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The reason to why the Guruship was kept within the family from the third Guru onwards:

Daughter of Guru Amar Das Ji, Bibi Bhani would do much seva of Guru Amar Das. One night as Guru Ji was absorbed in deep meditation, she noticed that a part of one leg of his couch was broken off. She got scared that Guru Ji might get disturbed beccause of this broken leg, so Bibi ji put her hand under the broken leg to keep the couch level. Guru Ji awoke from meditation and saw the torture endured by her.

Guru Ji was much pleased and invited her to ask a favour. Her request was that the Guruship should remain in the family.

Guru jis reply to this was, "Thine offspring shall be worshipped by the world. From the offspring of thy womb shall be born a universal saviour; but thou has damned the clear flowing stream of Guruship, and consequently great trouble and annoyance shall result".

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RupZ - "Bahadur" is not a surname (well in some cases it is) it is a suffix or title which means "Brave".

Im sure many people have adopted 'Bahadur' in their family names just like people have adopted the suffix "Chaudhary", "Shah" and for Sikhs - "Singh".

Hope that answered your question.

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