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Guru Nanak was a 'false' Prophet ??

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Dhan Dhan Sahib Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj is not only a prophet but he is a god himself. As bhai gurdaas ji says:>

aap narayan kaladhar jag meh parvareyo

God, the Guru Nanak Sahib himself had send the avataars, phophets, pirs, paigambars, rishis-munis, etc. from the starting when this kainaat(Srishtee) is created. but everyone failed to preach the true name of god, god that is Guru Nanak Sahib himself has to come on earth to teach the true spiritualism which is described only and only in Dhan Dhan Sahib Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj. Each and every avataar or prophet or whatever u say only try to impose its own faith, believes and teaching on others and thus destructing the mankind and humanism. In Islam, the Prophet teachings are so wrong that its followers are just disgracing the true value of mankind and humanity and doing evil in the name of god. God never preaches to hate anyone as everyone is created by god itself. This foolish community dont even understand this small thing.

Last but not the least, prophet said that he is the last prophet sent by the allah.

Is it? The answer is:

When these avataars and prophets cant do their work properly assigned to them by the god to preach his(Gods, not their own) name, then God himself had to come on earth to spread the true and actual teaching which is only and only GURBANI and nothing else.

Again the prophet said,' only muslims are momins and reast all are Kaafirs'?


If Only muslims belong to Allah then why dont he sent all creatures on this earth in to muslims? Why is he creting other beings?

If muslims had to cut their moustaches and retain their beards then why dont Allah create manhood with this tyoe only? The hairs of head, moustaches, beards and of the whole body keep on growing amd these foolish people goes against the will of god and cut them to make their individual apperances.

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Stop spreading hate, following mentioning the hallowed name of Guru Nanak you attack muslims and islam, is this the message of GuruJi?

Cuss any religion you like, but don't mention Guru Ji in any hate filled posts, this is an attack on the pure stainless eternal sikhi that is beyond your anal pettiness.

Remember Guru Ji visted Mecca and Iran, if he went there with your attitude I doubt they would have erected memorials to him and respected and revered his memory. Guru Nanak is our role model.

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As per the title of this thread if Guru Nanak was a 'false' Prophet ??

The answer is, absolutely not only not a false prophet, but He was Wahiguru personified, which is a much higher rank than being a prophet.

And inspite of being one with Akal Purukh, Hr used to call Himself "lalaa golla". The sign of utter humility.

Prophets come to establish religion and order in the world.

But beings like Guru Sahibans, like Bhagat Jan, like Gurmukhs, come for the only purpose of uniting the soul with Shabad Guru, and take it back to Sach Khand, at the Lotus Feet of Wahiguru Akal Purukh.

So the question does not even arise of Guru Nanak Maharaj being a false prophet. It is the false and a filthy mind only, which can ask something, like the one of this thread´s title...shame on them

Sat Sree Akal.

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On 7/4/2004 at 7:21 PM, Nek said:

looking what i found :shock: PLEASE READ!


Sikhs do call, Guru Nanak as their Prophet. Which is wrong, becos hazrat Muhammad [sAW]was the last prophet, and all others who claim to be one, are hypocrites and false prophet.


Guru Nanak was no Prophet just reformer, it would be clear by reading the fowlling.


Qualities of a Prophet of God


No one can become a prophet of God by his own choosing or effort; Allah has to choose him to be His prophet. And Allah chooses only such persons who have all the qualities necessary for that role, and He does so at the appropriate time in history, and then He protects His prophets from falling into the kind of errors that do not suit a prophet.


The first duty that a prophet of God does is to tell his people that he has been appointed a prophet by God to invite people to His way. Thus, a genuine prophet claims to be a prophet of God, though this claim in itself is not enough. But first and foremost, a prophet has to claim himself to be a prophet of God. The people often question this claim and threaten him to give up his claim. They may even offer him all kinds of temptations that ordinary humans would fall for. But the genuine prophets ignore these and go forward with their God-given mission.


So, the first question you need to ask your Sikh friend is: Did Nanak really claim to be a prophet chosen by God to lead people out of darkness into light?


If the answer is “no,†tell him that this proves that prophethood was conferred on him by his zealous followers and it is meaningless to continue to argue that Nanak was a prophet.


If the answer is “yes,†the second question is: Did Nanak approve of the roles of earlier prophets of God, especially the prophet who came just before him, Muhammad (peace be on him)?


If he says “yes,†ask him then how one can reconcile the fact that Muhammad was the Last Prophet of God and the claim that Nanak was a prophet after the Last Prophet.


The third question is whether all the Sikhs believe that their holy book, called the Adi Granth, was revealed to Nanak by God. If they say “yes,†ask them whether there is any statement to that effect in the book itself and whether Nanak said that the Adi Granth had been fully revealed to him by God. If the answer is in the affirmative, your Sikh friend has to show the proof that the above statements are true, from the Adi Granth itself. This will not be possible for him to do for the following reasons:


1. The Adi Granth is a collection of the writings of many Gurus including Nanak. It was in 1604—Nanak died in 1539—that Arjan Dev, one of the ten Gurus, compiled the hymns of Guru Nanak along with the compositions of both Hindu and Muslim holy men like Jaidev, Surdas, Sheikh Farid and Kabir. The compiled book was enshrined by Arjan in the Golden Temple with the name “Adi Granth.â€


2. A prophet of God is a model for all his followers in all aspects of life. But in the case of Sikhism, we find that it was not Guru Nanak, but the tenth Guru, Gobind Singh, who organized the community of Sikhs into a khalsa, “a spiritual brotherhood devoted to purity of thought and action.†He taught his followers to wear long hair (kesh, denoting saintly appearance), underwear (kachha, denoting self-control), an iron bangle (kara, denoting purity in acts), a comb (kangha, denoting cleanliness of mind and body), and a sword (kirpan, denoting fight for a just cause).


3. Towards the end of his life, the aged Nanak returned home to Punjab and settled down at Kartharpur with his family. People came from far and near to hear his hymns and preaching. After his death, his Hindu followers thought him to be a Hindu and his Muslim followers thought him to be a Muslim.


From the foregoing, we understand that Guru Nanak was not a prophet of God, but a religious reformer of his times

It is quite clear from the post above that,  it is  from someone of  muslim  background.

Well what can be said about it? Just ignore it as a senseless dog´s barking.

But that much can be said , that, in Sikhee we do not believe in any prophets, nor gods , nor godesses, for they have nothing to do with the only One Supreme Being, namely Waheguru Akal Purukh.

We like, love, and believe, in those who love Him and know Him the most, who are none other than His Bhagat Jan, His Gurmukhs,  and Guru Sahiban.

For the Bani says: Aapay Satgur, aapay Har, aapay mael milawe. Moreover, Har ka sewak, so Har jeha, bhed na jaano, manush deha

Had it not been for these holy beings, we could never ever known about Akal Purukh. It is He himself, who has come to our human level as Guru Sahiban, to guide us and take our souls back to His level.

No other way to get mukti, no incarnations, no gods, no devis devtays, no prophets, but, He Waheguru Himself, for it is only Guru Sahiban and His Bhagats, who  alone know the secrets and mysteries of Nam, in which through their Bani, teach us how to get freed from maya and kal, and thus ultimately merge in Him.

That is the beant wadeeayee of  these pure spiritual beings, to which the Bani tells us about their real spiritual staus, of their oneness with the Supreme Waheguru Akal Purukh:

Aisay Gur ko, bal bal jaa ee ai,

Aap mukat mohi taarai

kavan kavan kavan  gun kahee- ai

ant nahee kich paarai.


Of course the whole of the Bani is nothing but  apaar mahima, beant wadeeayee, of Akal Purukh and His True devotees, but the above just 4 verses, give us in a gist, the reality of  Bhagat Jan and Guru Sahiban, as the teachers of the path of love and devotion, to the only One Supreme universal Truth without any restrictions on caste, creed, color, gender or nationality, and that Truth is,  Akal Purukh, none other.

That is why Third Patshahee says in His Bani:

ਗੁਰਮਤੀ ਹਰਿ ਪਾਈਐ ਜੋਤੀ ਜੋਤਿ ਮਿਲਾਇ ॥

Guramathee  Har Paaeeai

Jothee Joth Milaae ||

Through the Guru's Teachings, the Lord is found, and one's light merges into the Light.


Stay blessed. 



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We do not need any "prophets" or Devi devtay. The Guru is more than enough for us SIkhs.

I don't know what so great about their "prophet" or why any faith needs one. I do not accept the Abrahamic faiths views and theology as binding to everyone and absolute. They can keep and enjoy their "prophets". How much they try to promote their "prophet" it looks like a huge failure since he couldn't even rehabilitate his  own followers behavior as so many bloodthirsty butchers and rapists came from this faith and are still coming from this faith today. 

The fool that wrote the original article was trying to place Muhammad higher than the Gurus hence trying to fish for converts from the simpletons among us. If this is all their "prophet" thought them, then I'm seriously not impressed or amused. Again, What the hell is these people's obsession with conversion? Just lets us be. It seems like their belief is more political than spiritual. LOL. So pathetic.

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To see and confirm the real differences between a prophet and  a Bhagat Jan or Guru Sahiban, following are some verses from Sree Guru Granth Sahib, which puts each one at its own place. 

Awal Allah noor upaya,kudrat ke sab bandey
First, Allah created the Light; then, by His Creative Power, He made all mortal beings.

Ek Noor te sab jag upja,kaun bhaley ,kau mandey?
From the One Light, the entire universe welled up. So who is good, and who is bad? 

While the former  one condems and sentences to death to all those who are not of their faith, the later One, gives respect, even to those of other faiths.

Not only that as respect to all others, but refers to their object of worship as the Creator Himself for all the existing creation, as a creative power, a highest level of Consciousness, namely Allah as seen above.

Moreover it says, if all  beings are created by that "good"power, then, who is bad or good? 

True religion does not promote fanatism, hatred, nor enimity towards anyone, for they see the Light of that One Supreme Being in all, while others are limited, thus remain bind to the limitations, first of their own mental pettiness, and then to the physical which is transient and perishable, thus has no spiritual reality in it.

While the former gives much importance to the physical appearances, and promotes vikars such as anger, and kaam or sensual pleasures; the later tells us to discard all negativity of the "panj chor" and arise above all limitations, through love and devotion to : Guru, Satguru, Shabad Guru, Sant Jan, Gurmukhs, Bhagat Jan, which all have the Jot of Waheguru Akal Purukh manifested in them, or let us say Naam or Satnam.

And the base line of the teachings of Guru Jee is,  everything is false and temporary, thus do not get entangled with it, for it will only keep you as a prisoner away from your True Father and Home.

Do not hurt anyone, for in the chamber of their hearts, resides Him. Each one according to their own karam, is born with their particular destiny, so respect all, for nobody has freely chosen where to be born and live.

Moreover if for example, if that power Allah has created  everybody and everything, and according to the laws of nature created also by Him, everything works as it should be;  has it got any sense, that he will induce some as fanatics and tell them to go and kill all those who do not belong to their "dharam"?

What nonsense!  What a shame!  Truly, madness has no limits....

Why to kill?


That too, when killings and inflicting pain on others is antireligion... is an outcome more of a devil than that of  a Divinity.

Having seen just a few  differences among both, it is but just natural to get hold of the One who reunites our souls, with our origin, as seen in the Bani of Guru Jee, namely called that Jot or Power as Allah, God, Waheguru or Satnam.... words may differ, but they all point to the same Creative Power.

And that One who does the reunification possible, is Guru Jee alone, none other.

Dhan so vela jit darshan karnaa, haun balharee Satgur charna (above all and everything).

Sat Sree Akal.

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