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Fateh Ji

I was reading some interesting articles by S. Gurbaksh Singh... make an interesting reading...

Sikhism Founded

Sikhism is a Universal world Faith… a message for all men. This is amply illustrated in the writings of the Gurus. Sikhs must cease to think of their faith as just another good religion and must begin to think of Sikhism being the religion for this New Age.

This apt description of Sikhism was stated by the Rev. H.L. Bradshaw of the U.S.A. in the Sikh Review, Calcutta. Many others have made similar observations about the Sikh faith, some of which are cited in this book, Chapter IV.

The holy scriptures in which the Sikhs believe is known as Sri Guru Granth Sahib. It has the distinction of having been written by the Gurus themselves, whereas in the cases of many other religions, the sacred books were compiled long after the prophets had left this world. The Sikh scriptures have come to us in their original form. Each sentence has been authenticated by the Guru. As the Guru Granth Sahib is written in the language of the people of northwestern India, most of the hymns in a general way are easily understood by the people of that region. Of course, since the hymns are written as poetry of great depth, scholarship is often called upon to interpret the contents.

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