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Do you think our Gurdwaray need changes?

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Do you think our Gurdwaray need changes?

Its the 21st Century and nothing much has been done in expanding the types of seva we can do in a Gurdwara.

What im talking about is, are we ganna always give money to building more Gurdwaray around the world, or is the Gurdwara ganna start helping with Charity work too, like helping people who are less fortunate than us, Poverty is still at large around the world.

Ok another thing.

Ive been to church yes church, the place where Chrisitans go to worship. I have seen such a contrast in terms of togtherness in the church and God Bless them for that. Ive seen strangers saying Hello to each other, with the williness to have a chat, to continue their social lifes, to expand their social lifes, to exchange experiences with each other. Im not saying start dancing ok, so try to keep with me.

Now what happens when you go to the Gurdwara? OK this is what ive seen, and it might not apply to all Gurdwaray. People back chatting, fights happening in Gurdwaray, i cant remember how many other things happen or how to express it, but im expecting someone will.

Why cant we have more Hi-tech things in the Gurdwaray? Like projectors in the Gurdwaray as standard so that people can read Gurmuki and sing along or maybe read a translation of what the Shabad means?

Any other thoughts?

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The state of gurudwara is kinda sad..makes me cry.

Im not perfect..far from it..but theres alot that needs to change.

If i was offered a position in a gurudwara, i would take it (hint hint) cos i think theres alot of changes that need to be made.

To date, i havent seen the same level of pyaar in a gurudwara, then this one gurudwara ive seen in los angelas..full of all kinds of sikhs from different backrounds. Beautiful.

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i total agree. all gurdwares need some sort of reforms (to some extent). for instance, in my area, ilford(east london), we have 3 gurdwarea closly linked together. 2 of then have gone thruogh some renovation, but what for? i have never seen any activity happening or much sangat coming, just the usual buddha doing the odd choogliya about the naw.

i know im stepping on dangerous grounds here, but i believe we need to go missionary to some level. clubs in gurdwaras should be formed to educate ppl into sikhi. also creating huge events like sikh camp are also excellent examples, comparing sikhi with modern days for the youth are astray is an idea.

I m sure we can develop many more...

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one thing I am most unhappy with is the way ardas is conducted. names of all the people being taken have donated in ardas sometimes takes more time than actual ardas , in a way ardas looses its importance.

I know this happens in lot of gurdwaras , in fact it happens in the oldest gurdwara in UK ie in sheperds bush.

May be if we can write down what all changes we aspire and than circulate it to our local gurdwaras.I am sure that at least one person in each gurdwara would be intrested to hear what he hav to say.

wjkk wjkf

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