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Sampooran Dasam Granth Sahib Ji

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where can i find a sampooran translaiton of sri dasam granth sahib ji in english? kohlis works certainly arnt sampooran as its missing the chritropakhan, hikayats, the asphotak kabit, and the stanzas of Khalsa Mehma.


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There are NO English "translations" of Dasam Guru Durbar. Those texts that do exist are "interpretations" of Akali Nihang Guru Gobind Singh Ji's baani from the Singh Sabha perspective, and do not do justice to the Gurbani.

The interpretations that exist, such as those by Randhir Singh, Dharam Singh, Kohli, etc., lack certain Baani (as you have stated). As such, these works are not complete. Kohli's latest interpretation, for example, is extremely sterile and ignores the existance of Charitropakhyaan.

I suggest that you learn Punjabi and get the Dasam Guru Durbar Steek in Punjabi by Pandit Narayan Singh (available in 8 or 10 volumes). This is the closest anyone will get to fully explaining the Gurbani within Dasam Guru Durbar without going to the Budha Dal and getting Santhia.

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another point to note,

taksali singhs and nirmallay will probably have a better understanding of dasam granth and its background as most of their time has been and is still spent in doing research, learning, katha, etc....of all the texts....

buddha dal singhs have generally not been of the scholastic types...meaning it isn't a characteristic, not to say they don't have gems, but in times of war.....what do you think they spent most of their time doing?

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Guest Javanmard

The Hikayat are poetic writings in Persian by Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj. Wine is one of the themes of this composition. LIke the Charitropakhyan, he Hikayat deal with stories dealing with our world and the lessons to learn about it.

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Charitropakhyan is the biggest enemy of Sikhism. It must be completely destroyed. It is full of dirty and low stories. Some even related to Gurus and Guru ithaas.

Can you prove it that Charitropakhyan is not Gurbani??

Have you read it?

If you can't then if we may ask you shut up!

Guru Gobind Singh Ji did composition of treh charitar to educate his Khalsa about Life Reality. During those days, mughals were taking advantage of Khalsa by sending women to seduce Khalsa. To bring khalsa out from vicious circle of "Kaam". Guru Maharaj ji created this Composition...!

All the bhramgyanis in the Khalsa Panth including Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranvale consider this composition as work of Satguru gobind Singh Ji and then who are you to say otherwise?

Either prove it in form of constructive debate or don't bother at all... leave your empty statements to yourself. :roll:

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what do you mean?

download chariters from dasamgranth.org and read what chariters 21-23 say. I have these questions answer them.

1. Anandpur had been just settles so how could so many prostitutes come there?

2. Anandpur was a place of worship and the character of Sikhs was well known to everyone, then how did the prostitute think of finding work in a place like that?

3. According to the chariters Guru Ji is a worshipper of Bhagauti. Is this not vipran kee reet? Even if Bhagauti is translated as God, why did Guru Ji went to learn Bhagauti mantar? Wasn’t Guru Ji a complete Guru?

4. Why go to learn mantras if Guru Ji had straight communication with God?

5. With Guru Ji being Mard Agambra, Saint-soldier, with Taij partaap, didn’t the prostitute have fear of Guru Gobind Singh Ji?

6. How did a prostitute have the guts to ask Guru Ji for fulfillment of Kaam?

7. Guru Ji knows everything, then why didn’t Guru Ji know what type of woman anoop kaur was?

8. also, where did a prostitute get the name Kaur? Was she Amritdhari?

9. It is said that most prostitutes were Muslim? Then hwy the last name kaur and first name anoop?

10. Also, Gurbani says that if you see the Guru once, you will losse kaam kroadh loab moh annhankar, etc? then why didn’t the prostitute loose it?

11. It says that when Guru Ji saw some people surrounding him, He thought his life was in danger and was helpless as there was no Sikh protecting him. Guru Ji, who says I will make 1 fight 1,000,000 was scared of 4-5 people?

12. It says Guru Ji for his shoes and a shawl at anoop kaur’s house. Why did Guru Ji take off his shoes?

13. Why did Guru Ji take off his shawl?

14. GuruBani says jY fITY mnu DIrIAY iklivK vMin@ dUry] sUhI mhlw 5, 761. Jai Deethay Mnu Dheereeae Vanjyhan Dooray] Soohee Mehala 5, 761. Then how did a woman get inflicted by kaam?

15. How dare did a prostitute threaten Guru Ji?

16. Guru Ji condemns jantras and mantras, then why did Guru Ji go and learn mantras from a woman, especially at night?

17. While the prostitute was drugged up and unconscious, for what good deed did Guru Ji place 60 coins beside her?

18. Then Guru Ji announced that whoever finds my shoes and shawl and brings it to me will get rid of the cycle of life and death. What was so special about those shoes and shawl that Guru Ji wanted to end someone’s cycle of birth and death for that shawl and that pair of shoes?

19. The prostitute brought the items herself, then was her cycle of birth and death ended?

20. Chariter also says that Guru Ji gave the prostitute 20,000 coins when she came to Guru Darbar with the items. Was it suitable to give hard earned money of Sikhs to a prostitute?

21. These chariters in past tense. Then how could they be written by Gu Ji?

22. They are also second or even third person. Then how are they written by Guru Ji?

23. chariters refer to Guru Ji as raja. Was Guru Ji only a raja? Bhai Nand Lal says Guru Ji is Emperor of emperors. Isn’t this downgrading to what Nand Lal said?

24. Didn’t the Sikhs know that it is a prostitute who has brought Guru Ji’s shoes? What effect did that have on Sikhs?

25. Tankahnaama Bhai Nanad Lal says Kwlsw soie jo pridRst iqAwgY] Kwlsw soie jo prnwrI qy BwgY] Then why did Guru Ji go to a woman at night? Guru Ji performed different from what Guru Ji taught?

26. Chariter says that when prostitute says “thief, thief, thief!†People come and surround Guru Ji. People who lived in Anandpur were mostly Sikhs and who had faith in Guru Ji. So Guru Ji’s own followers thought of Guru Ji as a thief?

27. Prostitutes must have come to Anandpur only if they had customers? Who were the customers when the city was controlled and run by Guru Ji himself? Sikhs were the customers? Do you guys go to places like that too? I guess you guys do so do the people who teach you that Chariters belong to Guru Ji.

28. Aren’t you disrespecting Guru Ji in countless ways by saying these chariters are written by Guru Ji?

29. Is it not true the present dasam granth was known as “bachitter natak†then known as “dasam paatshah ka granthâ€, then known as “dasam granth†and now people like you guys call it dasam guru granth sahibâ€. Why the name changes?

30. Is it not true that there are many versions of dasam granth? Why? If it is written by Guru Gobind Singh Ji?

31. Is it not true that first copy doesn’t have Sri Mukhwak paatshahi 10 at start of chariters, it also doesn’t have Sri Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh?

32. Guru had time to write 404 chariters but no time to write even one word about Peer Buddhu Shah and his sons who sacrificed their lives for Guru Ji?

33. If chariters are written by Guru Ji, then why isn’t chariter katha even done in Gurudwaras?

34. They are never even read. Why?

35. When Akhand Paath of dasam granth is performed, Chariters are read silently. Why if it is Gurbani?

36. Why isn’t a Hukamnama taken from chariters?

37. What if hukamnama from chariters is taken and hukamnama says call for opium, weed, liquor, morphine, etc. Have a lot of intercourse with all types of women. Are you going to follow the order? Are you going to take drugs? Are you going to have intercourse with all types of women?

38. Says raam is also written in many places in chariters. Since when was Gruu Ji also called Ram?

39. Baba Thakur tells you guys that it is Gurkirt, right? Will he do katha of any chariter in front of his daughter, sister, sister-in-law, sangat with women, granddaughter, or heck even his grandson?

40. Which University did baba Thakur get his degree from? Is he even a graduate?

41. If baba Thakur is bram giani, then why did Mohkam Singh leave him?

42. When is Sant Jarnail Singh going to come back? When Khalistan is made?

43. Since baba Thakur knows so much, why doesn’t he convince AKJs about Raagmaala?

44. Baba Deep Singh was the jathedar of Missal Shaheedan. Not Damdami Taksal? There was no such think as Damdami Taksal before. Damdami Taksal is not even mentioned once in Mahan Kosh. Is this not true? Isn’t the taksal lying when it says it was started by Guru Gobind Singh Ji? History tells us that Guru Ji told Baba Deep Singh and Bhai Mani Singh to do parchaar.

45. Wasn’t there a time when Sikhs were in jungles, mahants and udaasis were controlling the Gurudwaras, they placed statues of perverted hindu gods in Gurudwara complexes. They wrote oam and swastika on Guru Granth Sahib saroops.

46. I am challenging Baba Thakur about this. He didn’t even come to Toronto, else I would have gone and talked to him. If you guys are Sikhs of Guru Ji, then you will understand, else you are followers of pakhandi sants and babas. They are your Gurus. Now it is up to you to be a Sikh of Guru Ji or be a Sikh of a sant or baba.

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yaar i will write a post countering all the above points, but just to give you a quick eye opener.

Behind Mehta chownk is a brothel. So knowing the amazing and fearsome dharmic history and lineage of mehta (according to them) how could a brothel remain active and frequently visited by many next to such a pavitar astaan.

Moderator's Note: Dynamic Banda, Are You Taking Piss Against Mehta, Taksal ??? If Yes, then not on this site.

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chal likh laa. Also do katha of all chariters in front of mom and dad and sisters and cousin sisters and other woman relatives? Will you do it?

Also, how come there is no mention of Joga Singh in dasam grnath. Specially in chariters as you guys say they are written by Guru Ji to get us away from kaam and sin.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Jaikaara Jaavay, Fateh Paavai, Nihal Ho Jaavai, Guru Kalgidhar Ji Nu Bhaavai, Gur Bur Akaal, Sat Sri Akaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall!

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Guest Javanmard

You make me laugh you clown!!! using puratan jaikare after sladering Maharaj's bani. It is a well known fact that katha Charitropakhyan is restricted to the private sphere. Anup Kaur wasn't a prostitute you idiot!!!!

Mod's Note: Lets not get carried away here with angry comments.

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Who was she? . She was queen of prostitutes. Rehat maryada says that a person taking any intoxicants, is automatically excommunicated. Same goes for hair cutters, strip clubbers, porn watchers, and halal eaters.

Mod's Note: Can we Please cut the slandering here and debate like individuals???

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