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Sampooran Dasam Granth Sahib Ji

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shaka nyorai, I don't know if this link is any good to you, but what the hell...


As for the subject of Charitropakhyan, I have only read it in small parts, but already it comes accross as one of those great pieces of work which through mythical stories reflect the realities of humen nature and actions, the same way it could be said of shakespears works (It probably sounds stupid, but thats the way i see it....). The fact that the topic of sex in particular is covered in some detail is proof to me that this is a faith of reality...

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Ans to 5) yes guru ji is of those qualities... do you fear the guru? Do you follow everything that guru ji says to the letter? If not then you must also be unafraid.

10) do you ever go to mutha tekh to guru granth sahib ji maharajh... have you lost all your kaam krodh lobh moh hankaar?

im not even talking about the story or otherwise just pointing out the fact that people always talk a good game. The chritar should be taken out should they?? Go on then do it soldier!!

Lets see you do it, form your group or one man band whatever, and take them out.. same as some other guys who were arguing about raagmaala one time, saying it shouldnt be in there etc... we asked them if they believed that 100% then they should have it removed from guru sahib... we asked them to try and remove the gurbani from maharajh.

They never did my friend, as i said its easy to talk a good game.

By the way what the heck does baba takhar singh ji being a graduate have anything to do with the dasam granth?!?!? lol

If he did would that make you happy and believe that this gurbani is bani!!

Mate, baba ji studying at uni which people like us will proably never enter! Since when did gurmukhs or mahapursh start needing degrees? Please let me know which tuk says that a brhamgianni needs a degree... sure i didnt read that in sukhmani sahib!!

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i have said it b4 n i will say it again, KHALSA FAUJ u r a @$$, i cnt see how come one could be so stupid. hopefully, VaheGuru will knock some sense into u, cuz i would love to,

Moderator Note: Akali Sodhi, your repeated use of insults against other forum members and sarcastic remarks against the moderators should explain your second warning.

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I was banned for no reason but these guys give open challenges, no bans? Why? Why are mods biased? Because they are part of these groups and support these guys. As for removing the chariter out, Panth will whent he time comes. The time is soon. All malech will be excommmunicated! It is the hukam of AKaal Purakh Ji.

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All malech will be excommmunicated! It is the hukam of AKaal Purakh Ji.

You are quite right when you say all Malech will be kicked out.

Its just matter of perception- You think the defination of Malech is- Taksal, Nihangs, Hazoori Singhs(Hazoor Sahib), Sant Mahapursh.

Our defination of Malech- Ram Raiyes, Sant Haters, sampardha bashers, sikhs who destroy hertiages, threat to puratan maryada

We will see who gets kicked out first.

Jai Sachkhand Hazooooooooooor Sahib...!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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and Who is RSS here??

:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

Get over your parnoi and call anyone rss who beleifs Sikhi different than you. you are surely an lonely freak needs some sangat that can give you tolerance and acceptance :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

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n3o do u understand y i wanna break this guy in half, but like u asked i will no longer speak of this, oh n Khalsa listen up, i did get a warning for wa i sed to u, but that doesnt mean i am sorry, i may get banned for this but u are still a d*** in my eyes.

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Guest Javanmard

The Khalsa Fauj wrote:

Of course guy, I have fear. It is fear through which we connect with Guru Ji.

Good for you! I prefer to love Maharaj instead of fearing him as if he were a dictator! Would you fear your saviour or love him?

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The thing with Kirpa karee hum pur jugmaat is that that jugmaat is the word used for durgaa. It is praising durgaa.

then it says granth kara pooran shubraata.

meaning granth was completed on a special day.

According to Gurbani there is no special day.

then later it says: sunnay gung jo jaahe so rasnaa paaveee

make someone who can't speak listen to the whole chariters and chaupai and see if the person gets voice.

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Waheguru Kirpa kare....

Khalsa Fauj I love the hate which exudes from your comments as it contrasts so bleakly with the beautius baani of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Fauj Ji pyaar not talvaar will win.

Silly jaikare and unfounded accusations will get us nowhere

All we can do is ardas, "Kirpa Karee Hum Par Jag Mata!"


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Guest Sardar Moderator Singh

Khalsa Fauj and others, please consider the following with regard to the discussion on the ending stanzas of the Sampuran Kabio Bach Benti Chaupai and the points you raise:

1. Jugmata -What are everyone's views on the following extracts of the Nitnem, which I trust we can all agree is GURBANI:

-“Eka Mai Jugat Viaee” –from JapJi Sahib

-“Namo...lok mata” –from Jaap Sahib

-"Har Jee Pita, Har Jee Mata" from the Anand Sahib

2. Is the celebrating of Gurprubs (which even Bhai Gurdas Jee makes reference to in his Varan) incorrect, as we supposedly do not belive in ‘special’ days? Why do we celebrate with so much pomp the GurGaddi of the Guru Granth Sahib (i.e. its completion and formal inauguration)? Which asks, why would Guru Sahib choose the date of Vaisakhi for the Amrit Sanchar? Moreover why do we hold this day in reverence? More generally, is it wrong to celebrate our birthdays?

3. Finally according to the Jap Ji Sahib pauris “Sunia Sidh Pir sur Nath...”, it would literally mean having anyone ‘listen’ to the Naam who automatically become a Sidh, a Pir, a Nath, a master of Yoga, have knowledge of the earth and skies, feel no pain or illness, become a god like indra or bhrama, become an emperor etc etc.

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According to Gurbani there is no special day.

So, 'The Khalsa Fauj', were the Gurus were off their rocker when they celebrated festivals such as Vaisakhi, Holla Mohalla, Diwali (..or "Bandi Shor" as "Panthic" Sikhs call it), Navratra, Dussera, Gurpurbs, Massia, Pooranmashi, Holi, etc that fell on SPECIAL DAYS?

...is celebrating xmas acceptable or is Father Xmas anti-Panthic? :roll:

(...OK OK..its a Friday...work is slow...and I need some entertainment...)

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