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Baba ishar singh ji maharaj nanaksar wale

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waheguru waheguru ....

Baba Ishar Singh ji were born in a jatt family in a village near jagraon in punjab . From a very young age he was complete jati sati like no one else and no body used to defy him because of his pratap.

His earlier name was inder singh but baba nand singh ji changed it into ishar singh. Baba ji did seva of baba nand singh ji for 12 years and seva like no one else . the seva ws very had . he never slept in his life ( time period during baba nand singh ji and in charge of seva of Guru ji nanaksar)

He used to be present in seva of baba nand singh ji for 24 hrs . maybe he barely use to take nap for 30 min maximum.

after baba nand singh ji , baba ji's schedule ws following :

from 12 am to 9 am (nitnem and simran)

during the day time

doing the seva of Guru ji .( guru granth sahib ji maharaj)

then going to number of villages and doing parchar of naam simran and amrit sanchar.

and ending the diwans at nanaksar kaleran jagraon at 11 pm everyday .

nanaksar is bhagti da ghar and on every pooranmashi min. of 101 akhand paths are done along with several sampat paths .

i have never had the darshan of baba ji .

but i have had the darshan of baba kundan singh ji who used to do seva after baba ishar singh ji .

baba kundan singh ji did seva of Guru granth sahib ji for 40 years straight without even missing a single day . he ws also a brahmgyani sant ji .

but at that time i did n't know that becus i ws small .so i never realised the importance of his darshan .

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