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(Historic) Hazur Sahib ruling on Kirpan Size.

Guest Sardar Moderator Singh

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Guest Sardar Moderator Singh

Hukamnama issued by the high priest of Takaht Sri Hazur Sahib

in 1913 (20 Assu Samat Nanakshahi, 444).

"Sarbat Khalsa nu vidit hove ke Guru Ghar de ander sache pita din dunia

de vali Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji ne jad to(n) Khalsa Panth duniya vich

pargat kita hai, kul Singha(n) nu kirpan rakhan da hukan ditta, jo aj

tak pargat chaliya aunda hai |

Hun thorhe dina(n) to(n) Punjab de lok niki to(n) niki kirpan banaun lag

paye han |

Bahut Sikha(n) ne Takhat te a ke araz kiti hai ke ghat to(n) ghat kitni

kirpan rakhni chahidi hai |

Es vaste Takaht to(n) hukam kita janda hai ke kamarkasse vich rakhan

vali kirpan ek foot to(n) ghat na hove |

Nihang Granthi Hazura Singh

Granthi Maan Singh

Assu 20, Nanak Shahi 444.

Takhat Sri Hazur Sahib

The entire Khalsa Panth is hereby notified that ever since the True

Father, Lord of the universe Sri Guru Gobind Singh has established

Khalsa in the world, he ordered all the Sikhs to wear kirpan which is in

effect to this day.

Recently people of Punjab have started to manufacture the sword smaller

and even smaller.

Many Sikhs have come to the Throne (Takhat) and requested clarification

about the minimum length of the sword.

So it is hereby ordered that the length of sword for the Kamarkassa

(waisteband) should not be less than one foot.

Nihang Granthi Hazura Singh

Granthi Maan Singh

Assu 20, Nanak Shahi 444 (1913 A.D.).

Takhat Sri Hazur Sahib

(Source: Aad Sikh te Aad Sakhian by Principal Satbir Singh, page 281)

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