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baba hari singh ji - greatness of the sadhu sant


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baba hari singh ji are now in Leicester for this full week.

After their katha they invited me my wife and my 3 month daughter to the house in which they are staying. such is their nimerta that they played with my daughter for ages and on top of that prepared food and served myself and my wife and would not eat until we had finished.

After they went on and explained about the lineage of taksal, the sarbloh and dasam granth also.

Now you have to admit that is down to earth for a sadhu sant.

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Guest Sardar Moderator Singh


Great news! Please would you kindly share with the bachan of Baba Hari Singh concerning the three areas you highlight:

The lineage of the:-


-Sarbloh Granth

-Dasam Granth

Dear Forum members, please allow Kam to present this accordingly and finish, any questions or issues should maintain due respect or shall be deleted without notification.


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below is the same as i have posted on the waheguroo.com site regarding Baba Jis Bachans.

i spoke to baba hari singh ji about sri dasam and sarbloh granth. thaey state that every word of it is from Dasam Guru Ji. They state that anyone who rejects anything from either of the granths is rejecting the guru granth sahib as well. We spoke about the charitropakhyan. they stated that guru sahib has spoken about stories of krodh, lobh moh and ahankar but not kaam however Guru Gobind Singh ji wrote the charitropakhyan to show the downfall of a human being through kaam due to such incidents as that of bhai joga.

We went on to talk about the situation regarding the sucession of the taksal after baba gurbachan singh ji as Baba Hari Singh Ji were one of the many sevaks of baba ji. They stated that time and time again Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji stated that Baba Kartar Singh Ji would suceed them and did in due course. However on the day that Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji were to leave this earth and merge with God Baba Mohan Singh Ji asked why he was not consulted in this decision as he was the eldest out of all of the sevaks. Baba Mohan Singh Ji stated that they should be the ones to continue the lineage. Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji did not want any problems after their demise and told Baba Mohan Singh ji that they are also part of the braham and are a sadhu sant. They were told they should stay at Bhindra and teach there. Baba Ji told Baba Kartar Singh Ji to leave Bhindra and enlighten the world of the Gur Shabad.

They state that the taksal was to be carried over by Baba Kartar Singh Ji however Baba Mohan Singh Ji and themselves were to support them and thier successors.

They also stated that it is disrespectful to call any of the sants especially Baba Jarnail Singh Ji just Bhai Jarnail Singh Ji. They stated that if Baba Jarnail Singh Ji was not a pooran brahmgiani then there will never be one. The praise for sant Jarnail Singh ji was immense.

If you want to speak to Baba Ji they are in Leicester this week. Next week in Smethik Birmingham. Week after in Wolverhampton at Baba Amar Singh Jis Nanaksar Thath where there will be a massive sant smagam on the day of Guru Granth Sahib Ji's pehila prakash. The last week they will be in southall doing katha before they return to India.

Also Baba Sarbjot Singh Ji Bedi (Guru Nanak Dev Jis 17th direct descendants) will be at the smagam in Wolverhampton. Any one wants to put their questions to them they can. Also just a note Baba Sarbjot Singh Ji are the head of the Panthic Morcha and Sant Samaj.

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Amazing Post Kam Veer ji.

Interesting to note that how few people on here get on their bandwagon and defend Baba Mohan Singh Ji bhindranwale taksal over mehta when baba mohan singh ji encouraged baba kartar singh ji to move out:

They state that the taksal was to be carried over by Baba Kartar Singh Ji however Baba Mohan Singh Ji and themselves were to support them and thier successors.
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i know i have stated that many times. It is just said that people will still continue to say baba mohan singh ji are the rightful successors to taksal without even being there or probably not even being born at the time. However Baba Hari Singh Ji were there they have no need to take sides. They state themselves that the Gian of Baba Kartar Singh surpassed all others who were learning from baba Gurbachan singh Ji and that includes Baba Mohan Singh Ji

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