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The death of Baba Shri Chand Ji


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What are the details (if any) of Baba Shri Chand Ji's death?How, where, when did he die?That is if he died....

Do you think he could still be alive on this earth?He was a Maha-siddha.Did he attain aishvarya?As far as I know, details about his life and death are rather sketchy.

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Accorind to the lafe story of Baba Sri Chand Ji in their final moments they were with thier favorite sevak kamleea and manak chand ( the son of Baba Lakhbir Singh Ji who were Baba Sri Chand Ji's younger brother). They told the sangat that they had been called back to merge with god. It is told that they stod on a rock in the river and hit it with a stick and told it to move. The rock floated on the water and took baba ji into the middle of the stream. The sevaks and sangat were watching. Baba Ji stated thier final wishes there to the sangat and then just miraculously dissapeared.

Baba Ji never left a body on this earth and took it with them just as Guru Nanak Dev Ji did.

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There is a LOT on Baba Sri Chand's life. Get hold of the bulky granth called 'Janamsakhi Baba Sri Chander Maharaj' by Nirvan Amar Das Udasin or one of the older jivan sakhis.

Also excellent works on Baba Sri Chand's compositions (matray) have been published by Mahant Anantanand from Sangalwara recently in english also.

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why do mainstream sikhs hate baba sri chand so much??

seems he should be respected/cherished for being a bhagat surely??

in most books on sikh history, baba ji is given but a role of an evil son who went against his fathers wishes, and whom every sikh hated, etc etc.

can anyone shed some light onto baba sri chand (briefly); what path did he follow and how guru ji really reacted towards him?

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Ek Oankar Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh

Only fool can hate anyone,Sikhs can not. As Akal is in All so why to hate any.

When Baba Ji Visited one of our Gurus(Das is not sure Forth or Fifth) and asked about why our Guru had long beard,Gurudev said ,'to wipe the feets of holy men like you'.

Baba Ji Said with such a great Guru Panth of father Nanak is in Right Hands.

Baba Ji were not made Guru as he was too ascetic,Away from marrige or house hold. As Khalsa in future was to be made Ruler,but hermits can not make rulers but devotees only.

So inorder to give Rajyoga an upper hand over Gian or Bhakti Yoga he was not made Guru

Raj Yoga(unioin with God in the way of King ie best way)

BHakti Yoga(union with devotion)

Gian Yoga( " " Devine knowledge)

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