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The family that gave us 29 Shaheeeds- PART ONE.


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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki fateh.

Today I am privileged to share with you all the remarkeable history of the Family of Gursikhs who gave 29 Shaheeds to the Guru Khalsa Panth.

This is the family of none other than BHAI MANI SINGH SHAHEED - who got his band band Kattiya...

In Sikh History there are FOUR Bhai mani Singhs mentioned. 1. Bhai mani Singh Kamobh, 2. Bhai mani Singh Dulatt 3. Bhai mani Singh Kanha Kacchha and 4. Bhai mani Singh Alipur. Now which of these is the Bhai mani Singh Shaheed ?

Lets take them one by one to arrive at the truth.

1. Bhai mani Singh Kamboh..this man is mentioned by Kesar Singh Chhibbar..but this Mani Singh is not mentioned to have served at Harimandir Sahib Amrtisar as Granthi.

2. Bhai mani Singh Dullatt. According to Gyani Gyan Singh this Mani Singh was the son of Jatt Dulatt aand he attained shaheedee in 1795 - he used to live as a fakir....but this man is not mentioned as Band band Katiya....and this martyrdom happened in 1791.

3. Bhai mani Singh Kanha Kachha....is mentioned only by Bhai Veer Singh ball sathiala. In his book "Singh sagar" written in 1884. He is mistaken because the grandsons of Bhai mani Singh Alipur were settled in Kanha Kchha later and he made the wrong assumption that Bhai mani Singh must have been from kanha kachha.

4. Bhai mani Singh Alipur - his ancestors came from Khandosh and settled in nahan Himachal Pardesh....this event is mentioned in the Vahee records of Taluedeh in 1490 Bhatt records as stated:

a) rada Mall's grandson jagna, great grandson beera ka chander Bharadawasi gotra.....etc etc. Thus it is clear that this family moved from Nahan to Alipur around 1582-1600 bikrmi. These facts are also mentioned by Bhatt Bohith who is the son of Bhatt Keerat whose bani is in the Guru Granth Sahib Jee.

Bhai mani Singh was born in the family bharchwaji parmar Rajputs in the house of bullu son of mai dass and his mother was mata madhuri bani in the year 1644 on March 10th ( 1701 Bikrimi) These people were the descendants of Rajputs of Madhya Pardesh and descendats of Raja Sandal. In the 9th generation of Raja sandal was Muna one of whose 14 sons was Bullu who was Bhai mani Singh ji's father.

From BULLHU begins the RAIN of SHAHEEDS.....

mai dass had 12 sons...one Amar Chand dies in infancy...BUT the remaining 11 were shaheeds for the Guru Sahibs...

1. Bhai Jetha Singh 11-10-1711 at Alowaal Battle

2. Bhai Dyal dass - 11-11- 1675 Boiled Alive in front of Guru Teg bahadur sahib Jee at delhi

3. Bhai mani Singh - Band band Katiya ta Lahore 24-6-1734

4. Bhai Daan Singh 7-12-1705 at Chamkaur Battle

5. Bhai maan Singh 3-4-1800 Chitor Garh battle

6. Bhai roop Singh 11-10-1711 Alowaal battle

7. Bhai jagat singh 24-6-1734 Lahore

8. Bhai Sohan Chand 20-3- 1691 Battle of Nadon

9. Bhai Lahina Singh20-2-1696 Guler Battle

10. Bhai rai Singh 3-12-1705 Battle of Mukatsar _ Chali mukteh

11. Bhai hari Chand 18-9-1688 Battle of Bhangani

Bhai mani Singh had 10 sons.....out of which 7 attained shaheedee

1. Bhai Chitar singh 24-6-1734 Lahore

2. Bhai bachittar Singh 8-12-1705 Kotla Nihang Ropar

3. Bhai Udey Singh 6-12-1705 Pahai tibbi Roapr

4. Bhai Anaik Singh 7-12-1705 Chamkaur

5. Bhai ajab Singh - Chamkaur date not known

6. Bhai Ajaib Singh - Chamkaur date not known

7. Bhai Gurbaksh Singh 24-6-1734 Lahore

The remaining three sons were Bahi desa Singh (writer of Rehtnama), Bhai Bhagwan Singh and Bhai Balram Singh.

The sosn of these three were also shaheeds:

1. Bhai Chitar Singh - had three sosn shsheed -

a) Bhai keshe Singh 28-12-1811 at Bilaspur battle

b ) Bhai Saina Singh 22-6-1713 at Sadhora battle

c) Bahi Hatthu Singh 27-3-1758 Sarhind battle

d) Bhai Garja Singh joined the Nirmalas. ( not shaeed)

Bhai Bachittar Singh ( who fought the Elkephant at Anandpur Sahib ) had two sons:

1. Bhai Sangarm Singh 13-5-1710 at battle of Chapar Cheri Ropar

2. Bhai ram Singh 9-6-1716 at Delhi

Bhai Udey Singh' sons:

1. Bhai Mehbob Singh 13-5-1710 at Chapar Cheri Ropar

2. Bhai fateh Singh also at Chapar Cheri Ropar

3. Bhai Albel Singh 22-6-1713 at Sadhoura Battle

4. Bhai mehr Singh also at Sadhaura Battle

5. Bhai Bagh singh 28-12-1711 at Bilaspur Battle.

Thus Bhai ballhu, 11 grandsons, Bhai mani Singh and his seven sons and 10 grandsons......make a GRAND TOTAL of 29 SHAHEEDS for the Guru Khalsa panth...MUCH MUCH more than any other family combined.

I have broken up this mail into two parts to make it easier to read.

In my next installment of this remarkable story I will detail bhai Mani Singh Ji's Life and times with Guru har rai Ji...to Guru Gobind Singh Ji and finally Shaheedee for the Panth.

I hope all of you benefit from this piece of our glorious history.

Dass jarnail Singh

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