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Love at first sight?


Does love at first sight exist?  

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I think its very rare... love at the first sight. Its more like point of attraction at the first sight slowly developed to stage of liking then transforming to either "Lust" or "Love".

However, I completely agree that there are enough mystical cases where love at first sight happens between people ...due to connection through past lives. I have myself read cases on reincarnation testimonials. They are bizzare :shock:

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Jamuka, finally u an i agree on something...

Mehtab, i'm sure that u grew to love Sikhi when you started to do a bit of research into the pic. the picture might've sparked an interest in Sikhi, but it's understanding Sikhi that prolly really made u love it.

mugz, i agree. which is why i don't think "love at first sight" exists. :)

Neo... give us some proof of these "reincarnation" theories u've got. cuz i still don't believe u. (yes, i'm challenging u.)

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mugz, i agree. which is why i don't think "love at first sight" exists.

didnt intend on saying love at first sight didnt exist,

if u saw guru sahib for the first time, would u fall in love with him?

but, in most cases, love grows, i also think that u dont really knw what love is until you've lost it.

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ooooooooooh... i don't know what i'd do if i DID see guru sahib. actually, i dun really think tha's a possibility for me personally... haha...

but... i don't think that in the context of 2 people meetin that love at first sight could possibly exist.

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love at first sight

i think it is true but not with duniyavi jivs

as i had a love at first sight with wajheguru ji and i am proud of that as love is in true form a prem towards lord and not with human beings as we r born to die and not to live

as that cant be said as true love which heer and ranjha has done as they get apart after death and if we love the true lord it is the time wen u r going to die the time u r meeting ur loving true lord

milan garhi aayi re



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My question to Arti_kaur is, bhenji, how do u know whether Heer and Ranjha were separated after death.... There's was one which transcended all social laws, and it could've been a metaphor for the love of God, and hence, to me i think they actually united after death through God....

I compare it to Bhagat Dhanna Jatt, to Meera Bhai.... it's a different type of a love.... and yeah you can argue that the latter two loved God, whereas the former to loved another human being, but don't we all have the light of God that perhaps those individuals were able to see it in each other....

I don't... thas my personal belief....

As for love at first sight... who knows...i for one haven't had it occur, but that doesn't mean it may never occur with me...

if it's a pure love, then perhaps....

But it has to be something that surpasses the physicality of individuals, it has to be that even if one may not be with that person, that ur soul is still with them, that u want to see them happy, and what not.....

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this is a bad question. b/c, ppl are gonna misinterprate it.

true love is only with guruji and one. and i believe it exists (only from guruji 2 u).

b/c , i remember a story about some muslim general, who when saw guruji on the battlefield, fell to his (gurujis) feet and became his Sikh.

now this is true love at first sight!

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this is the thing........ hell yeah, if i saw guruji, i'd have mad love man... but even that comes with knowledge of guruji..... reading guruji's baanis and stuff... if i saw guruji, hell yeah it'd be love at first site...

the concept just doesn't make sense....love......at first sight.....man, i'm sorry to stoop to this level, cuz i hate bollywood..... but CJ will know what i'm talking about... you used bollywood to exemplify your points so i will too.

Dil Chahta Hai... that one guy.. any girl he sees: "I LOVE HER!"...... love at first sight?? i think not.....

how can you love.... without any previous encounter....experience.... knowledge of the person you're "in love" with at first sight..

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