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baba jawalla singh harkowahaal


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Jawala Singh Harkowahal: p.237

Naamdhaari singhs in 1933, celebrated holla mahalla in a village named sandhwa in the district of jullundher. Jawala singh harkowahal went to the “jor mela†on the request of his premi bhagwan singh (a compadre of boota singh bhatraana wallay. The writer of this article observed that many people came to the dera in that celebration and many partook in the amrit sanchar ceremony.

There was a sadhu/saint among the naamdhari singhs named sant sunder singh who lodged with jawala singh harkowahal wallay. Jawala singh humbly requested him to visit him at the dera in santghar on their return to sialkot. Sant sundar singh ji naamdhari and 25 of his naamdhari sanghi’s stayed at santghar. He requested jawala singh harkowahal to do a paat of “varneeâ€. Sant sundar singh was requested to stay and overlook the varnee pat. He came a year later in 1934, in the month of poh. They decided to have the varnee. They did the varnee with sukhmani sahib. Sukhmani sahib was read with a lot of prem for 2 hours, while the other 12 singhs sat in a circle and did maala’s of waheguru mantar. The 12 sat around a haman in that time. They used dhoop samagri (incense), and also placed an akhand jot (a continous lamp) with pure cow butter to light the lamp (probably a diva). They put 32 things into the dhoop. They put in khopa giri ( a coconut or coconut like fruit), almonds, dried dates, and raisins, butter of cow, desi sugar, kesar, kasthoori, cow lochan (don’t know what that is), thaj patar (don’t know), bhoj, part, incense (agar thapar dhoop), giri, long (the one put in tea), ilachi (both big and small), desi jhau, sesame seed (black and white), ….these are varnan yog (used for obescence). They used a hall in the gurdwara to do the varnee. Jawala singh was asked to do an explanation of waheguru mantar prior to them starting the varnee. They made prashaad of pure ghee (butter) and brought it in front of guru granth sahib ji. They did an ardaas for the varnee. The singh who did sukhmani sahib was sant makhan singh (most likely a naamdhari singh). They brought a kilo and quarter (sava ser) of ghee (butter) and did 2.5 hours of naam simran while sukhmani sahib was read, follows by an ardaas. 14 people would partake of the prashaad. One granthi, one pairadaar and the 12 singhs who did the varnee.

This went on for 2.5 months. The singhs who did naam jap would do keshi ishnaan (wash their hair), and wear clean clothing…they would be freshly washed and were not allowed to urinate or excrete while wearing these clothes…(For sucham (cleanliness) purposes). This continued for another 2.5 months after the naamdhari singhs left and the only difference was that the sangat in the gurdwara would partake of the prashaad.

Jawala singh’s bachan

After 8 o clock at night, jawala singh would do prachar with with singhs (this would occur after langar). He talked about guru nanak and the path laid out by him.

1) naam japna

2) doing seva

3) doing sat sang (sangat)

4) path of love (prem marag)

5) eliminate ego, and humbly work hard and distribute your wealth in charity (vand chakna

there are more subtle elements of this as well.

1) eliminating attachment to maya (maya tiag)

2) (bhaav vairaag)…I understand this as having desireless (intentions)..I will elaborate on this.

3) To think deeply about the workings of the world (to understand the transient nature of life)…(jagat nu mithya, nischay karma)

4) Develop discriminatory thinking…(vivek)

More to come

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